Tuesday, 1 February 2011

It's February - Whahey!!!

It’s my birthday sometime this month (I know, memory loss is such a bugger, lol).  Another year older, wish I was another year wiser.  January has gone, thank god for that, may it rest in peace.  All Axe returns present and correct sire. 

Well, I can see the future and it was thus.

Mum – “Teatime sonny Jim. Time to turn off your Xbox and get off your bum and downstairs for some nosh”

Sonny Jim – “Sorry Mum, but I gotta keep playing this here game.  I need to get over the pain and stress that comes with being a teenage angst-ridden boy. It’s a medical fact.”

There’s really no argument to that.  Scary or what!!!


Well, it’s the day for my annual check-up and it hasn’t come quick enough as I chipped a tooth last week.  Got a locum dentist this time as the usual one has got a lump getting in the way (pregnancy I believe it’s called).

Well, I certainly hope he knows the drill, and is able to get to the root of the problem.

Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club

A brief summary of our season - (For all you ladies out there - skip to next section, lol).

Me:        (Sings) “Spurs are on their way to Wembley”
Friend:  “Actually, they’ve been knocked out of the FA Cup mate”
Me:       “Oh” slowly realizes this, speaks a bit quietly, “Ok then” 
              (Sings) “Wem-ber-ley,Wem-ber-ley, we’re all going 
              to “Wem-ber-ley”
Friend:  “ermmmm mate, you lot went out of the Carling Cup ages ago”
Me:        “Ohh!” (pauses then sings) “Champions, Champions”
Friend:  “Ermmmm……You’re not top of the Premier League are you??”
Me:       “Errrrr” (shakes head slowly) “No”.
Friend:   “Don’t look like you’re gonna win it either!!!”
Me:        “Ermmmmm” (shakes head slowly again and speaks mutters) “No”.

(Long Pause)

Me:       (Sings) “Eng-ger-land, Eng-er-land”
Friend:   “Ermmm, mate?”
Me:        “Shaddap, ok. Clear off, leave me alone with my 
               delusions,….. please”

Thought of the Day

Drive carefully. It's not only cars than can be recalled by their maker.


  1. Happy Birthday (a little early). Are you going to let us in on what day it is? ;)

    Don't worry, I don't give birthday spankings. Unless you're into that kind of thing.



  2. Ok - I'll give you a clue. It's on a day ending with the letter Y. No good???

    OK ermmm, it ain't this week.

    As for spanking - hmmmmm, I can see a side of you that not many others get to see. lol.

    Thanks but no thanks. Gotta be careful of them there gardeners.

  3. Happy early birthday :)
    Your entries in your blog always make me either smile or laugh :D

  4. Thank you kind Luba for making an old man feel very happy. Ok, not that old then. But happy.

    Keep taking those photos.