Thursday, 31 May 2012

Islam Investigation - Part Two

I have previously wondered as to why there appears to be a strong anti-Islamic viewpoint from westerners, particularly from America, and to this end, I have taken it upon myself to investigate this subject to ascertain why this is so.

My previous post gave a brief outline of the Islamic religion, and I shall attempt here (the second in my series), to ascertain the events that has occured throughout history which has shaped the Islamic viewpoint of the world to better understand both them, as well as those who oppose them.

The main bone of contention appears to relate to the State of Israel, which houses Jerusalem, which Islamists consider to be the capital of Palestine. 

Let us go back in time and see how this was brought about (and if the images are not large enough, please double-click on them to view as a larger picture).


The land where Palestine/Israel now stands was originally, as far as historians can tell, a Hebrew/Israelite country since 2000BC to 70CE and was renamed when the Romans occupied it.

During the later part of the Roman era, a decimated Jewish community in the area managed a revival and for three centuries, the towns and farms extended as far as the coastal plain, and it was during this period that the Palestinian Talmud was compiled (which is a collection of Rabbinic notes on the 2nd century Mishnah - Jewish oral traditions). Moreover, the Jewish population sustained its growth well beyond the Arab conquest in the 7th century, and even under the Seljuk Turks, reached 300,000 inhabitants by the year 1000. This interlude ended abruptly with the arrival of the Crusaders, and the butchery of Jews was so extensive under Christian rule, that in 1169, only a thousand families were still alive.

Eighteen years later, however, Saladin, sultan of Egypt, won a crushing victory over the Latin Kingdoms and began the process that ultimately evicted the last of the Crusaders a century later. Subsequently, under a tolerant Moslem regime, pilgrimages of Jews from overseas augmented the tiny Palestinian remnant. The Spanish expulsion decree in 1492, propelled tens of thousands of Shephardim Jews into all corners of the Mediterranen world, and not less than 8,000 into Palestine, and their arrival corresponded with the Ottoman conquest of the Levant (1517), and in its first century the rule of the Turks proved benign. After this first century, however, the Turks made life difficult for Jews and Christians alike and by 1837, no more than 6,000 Jews lived in the four holy cities.

It was around then, that the concept of Zionism took hold. Due to oppression in Russia and elsewhere in Europe, 25,000 Jews entered Palestine from 1882-1903. Several large tracts were purchased by the Chovevei Zion (formerly known as the Odessa Committee), which were then resold to settlers or land companies. However, the sheer hardships of farming in Palestine, a series of lethal malaria and typhoid epidemics, and the endless legal obstacles interposed by the Ottoman authorities, proved too heavy a burden, and many of the settlers emigrated for Europe.

It should be pointed out that up to this point in history, there was no hatred of the Jews by the Arabs in the area.

However, several events conspired to build up emnity between the two, and these can be broadly surmised as follows:

Control of Region by Europeans

Since World War I, the whole area was split up under mandates and it was generally controlled by England and France, who ended up ‘meddling’ in both Arab and Jewish concerns.

Arab desire to rule their own destiny

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Arabs began thinking of ruling and controlling their own destiny. 

However, control of the area by the Europeans, was not welcome and was seen as European suppression of Arab self-determination. Many Arabs, having been educated in Europe, returned bringing along with them, European anti-semitism thoughts (notably those from Mein Kampf).

Jewish Land Purchasing

Around the beginning of the 20th Century, with more and more Jews moving into the Levant, it was perceived that "wealthy European Jews" were buying up Arab lands, and thus depriving the Arabs of their own land.

Most of the Jews who bought land were hardly wealthy from a European perspective (and they sometimes even pooled their resources to be able to do so), but they had more money than those people living on the land. At the time, the people who held title to the land were often Turks or Egyptians who had acquired the titles during the Ottoman period, renting the land to the locals as absentee landlords in a manner similar to sharecropping. 

The local people who actually worked the land were unable to raise the kind of money needed to purchase their own land, so they saw the "wealthy" Europeans as thieving invaders.

Jewish Desire for Own Country

With many Jews owning the land in which they dwelt, they pushed for a state of their own, which was initially agreed to by England, who had the Mandate controlling the area after World War I, in the so-called "White Paper." There have been several White Papers and England tried to back away from their commitment, but due to the Jewish freedom fighters, right after World War II, England gave up and allowed the partition of the land for two states: Israel and Palestine.

Birth of the country, Israel

The UN Partition Plan - 1947
A resolution was then adopted by the UN, on 29 November 1947, adopting and implementing the UN plan to partition Palestine, however, on 14 May 1948, David Ben-Gurion, the Executive Head of the World Zionist Organisation and President of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, declared the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel, independent from the British Mandate for Palestine.

It has since been argued whether this declaration was legal.

The Arabs, however, did not want a Jewish state in the region, and on seeing the state of Israel established with a lot of European support, saw this event as further evidence of the European over-riding of Arab autonomy and, having little ability to strike back at London, Paris, or Washington, they focused on Israel itself.

The Ensuing Wars

After the UN allowed the partition, Israel declared the land set aside to it by the UN as a state, but the adjacent Arab countries thought they could push the Jews to the Sea (which, of course, never happened). The adjoining countries fought several wars against Israel, culminating in the 1972 Yom Kippur war, but the war in 1967 is the war in which Israel took possession of the "occupied" area. The Palestinian Army, which was formed right after that war, believe all the land of Israel is occupied territory.

In the ensuing decades, the sore spot of the "invasion" of Israel has often been conflated with the Mein Kampf propaganda, to the point that the region is now full of the sort of anti-Jewish hysteria that one more typically associates with the Nazi era of World War II.


The issue of the state of Israel is a complex one that can be argued from various perspectives. The Arab people who resent European/American interference with their lives, angered by what they perceive as a land grab by Israelis--who are then characterized as "avaricious Jews"--lends itself to a lot of hatred.

The picture above demonstates what land has been lost over the recent 50 years which, if anything, exasperates the problem further, with many Islamic people in the area viewing the 'invasion' of their country with anger, coupled together with apparent 'ethnic cleansing' by the Jewish authorities of those Arabs electing to remain behind.


During my research for this post, I found it extremely interesting understanding the reasons behind a lot of the animosity between the Jews and the Arabs, regarding this area.  I also find it concerning that Israel has apparently been allowed to amass further land without penalisation from the UN or any of the western world countries, and is something I may look further into, either as an extension of this 'Investigation' or as a separate exercise.

I still haven't come close to answering my original question, concerning the anti-Islamic sentiment by western countries, but feel that I am a step closer to learning the answer to this.

Thought of the Day

Shouldn't there be a shorter word for "monosyllabic"?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

English Language - Dashes

Following on from my recent attempts to educate those unfortunate not to have paid any attention whilst they were at school, here is the next in my somewhat, vaguely interesting series of English Grammar. And for once, it's a relatively quick lesson.

DASH it all chaps

The Dash (as it should be)
You may think that - is a dash.  Well, sadly it isn't, not on a computer keyboard it's not.

No, I'm not trying to wind you up, but most computer keyboards only bother to have one key with - on and this is the hyphen.  Dashes, are longer in length. I know, it's sounds like a jobsworth type of thing, but trust me, it's true. Therefore, many writers will type the following - - to show a dash. Yes, it's two hyphens saparated by a space, but make a show of using this and those in the know will respect your english abilities that much better.

When is it used?

The dash is worth learning about as it can be used instead of a colon (:), a semi-colon (;), or even three dots (...) to extend a sentence. There are a number of 'rules' concering the use of colons, semi-colons and the three dots and whilst there are strong arguments for using each, it can be much simpler just to replace them with a dash.

Here are some examples:

(Using a colon:)  I'll tell you what you are going to do: Your're going to listen to me.
(With a dash) I'll tell you what you are going to do - - Your're going to listen to me.

(using a semi-colon) You should get your barakes fixed; otherwise, you might have an accident.
(With a dash) You should get your barakes fixed - - otherwise, you might have an accident.

(using an ellipsis) Jameson promised: "In accordance with the statement, the bank will provide
the services...outlined in the brochure."
(With a dash) Jameson promised: "In accordance with the statement, the bank will provide
the services - - outlined in the brochure."

So, if in doubt, just use a dash.

Brackets too!

In fact, dashes can also be used to replace brackets - - Useful huh!!

(With brackets) Zander (one of the fastest fish in British waters) often school together around the edges of lakes.
(With a dash) Zander - - one of the fastest fish in British waters - - often school together around the edges of lakes.



And there you go.  A short lesson in the quick world of the dash.

Dash it man, I have to dash off now. Tally Ho!!

Thought of the Day

Why is it called a "building" when it is already built?

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Some more Funny News

It's all in the Name

Just read and snigger, and thank your god that your name isn't as funny.

Just Wash and Go

When you need to give your hair that extra baby-soft feel.

Placenta - Cause it was senta from mommy, with love.

Another name funny.  Although why you'd wish to name any product 'Placenta' is beyond me.

Little Red Book

Well, can it really be true??  Is that book little?  What with that many names in (plus ratings too) surely she would have updated it to at least......................the telephone directory.

Don't laugh - it makes sense. The names are already written down for her, just got to make a tick against them, and there's plenty of space to add the ratings.  AND, for bonus points, she can get to phone the next chap whilst with the current one....Bargain!!

The 'Real' Olympics

The Redneck Torch
Lil Dylan in his warm-up routine
Sod the discus throw, let's have a go on the toilet seat!!

And folks, it's geniune fun for ALL the family.

And for those of you in the dark (that's MOST of us) here are a few of the events that we've missed out on. 

The cigarette flip : Bobbing for pig's trotters : Seed spitting : Toilet seat throwing : Mud pit belly flop : Big-hair contest : Wet T-shirt contest : Armpit serenade : Bug zapping by spitball : Dumpster diving : Hubcap hurling.

It certainly sounds more interesting than what we're used to.

Going for Gold

Wow, men will surely be beside themselves if ever Poledancing gets made into an Olympic sport.

Viewing figures will shoot upwards as women take the rise.
'Tim Trautman is the president of the International Pole Sport Federation and is spearheading the push to make pole dancing an Olympic sport.'

It sure is a thrust in the right direction. And in case you wondered why there is so much skin showing, it isn't to titilate but...
"Well we're in a bikini because you need that skin to stick to the pole that's what we need to achieve some of our tricks."
Erm......I'm doing my best here not to make the obvious comment here about skin sticking to poles as I'm trying to maintain some sense of decorum here.

Rubbish Tip

A Sound Investment?
Well, in case you ever doubted it, US police can today confirm that the US Dollar is in fact, pure rubbish.

So, do as the man in question did, and throw your rubbish dollars out of the window.

BUT, it would make an interesting quiz question - How can you make $500 dollars from just a couple?

Easy, throw it out of the window :)

Thought of the Day

Why is it, whether you sit up or sit down, the result is the same?

Monday, 28 May 2012

Film Releases - 28 May 2012

UK Releases

28 May 12

No Saints for Sinners - Action Starring:
Rick Crawford
, Marty Maguire and Kate Tomlinson

30 May 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman (12A) -  Adventure Drama Starring: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron

31 May 2012

Young, High and Dead Horror Thriller Starring: Hannah Tointon, Louisa Lytton and Philip Barantini

1 June 2012

Prometheus (15) - Sci-Fi Horror Starring: Noomi Rapace, Logan Marshall-Green and Michael Fassbender
LOL  (12A)  - Comedy Romance Starring: Miley Cyrus, Douglas Booth and Ashley Greene
Rowdy Rathore (TBC) - Action Comedy Starring: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha and Nasser
The Turin Horse (15) - Drama Starring: János Derzsi, Erika Bók and Mihály Kormos
Top Cat: The Movie (U) - Animation Comedy Starring: Rául Anaya, Jorge Arvizu and Mario Castañeda Partido
The Angels' Share (15) - Comedy Drama Starring: Paul Brannigan, John Henshaw and Gary Maitland
Himizu (TBC) - DramaStarring: Shôta Sometani, Fumi Nikaidô and Tetsu Watanabe
On the Sly (TBC) - Family Starring: Wynona Ringer

US Releases

30 May 2012

I Will Find You

31 May 2012

The Courier (18) - Action Thriller Starring: Mickey Rourke, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Til Schweiger
Happy Hollowdays - Family Drama Starring:  Jennivere Song Lee, Amy Chang and Ann Marie Yoo
1 June 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman  (As UK)
Piranha 3DD (18) - Comedy Horror Thriller Starring: Danielle Panabaker, Ving Rhames and David Hasselhoff
For Greater Glory - History War Drama Starring: Eva Longoria, Oscar Isaac and Andy Garcia
Battlefield America - Musical Drama Starring: Marques Houston, Mekia Cox and Christopher Jones 
Ultrasonic - Mystery Thriller Starring:  Silas Gordon Brigham, Sam Repshas and Cate Buscher
180 - Thriller Starring: Lacey Chabert, Ethan Embry and Amanda Schull
Taken Back - Thriller Starring:  Amanda Tapping, Moira Kelly and Kacey Rohl
Cellmates  - Comedy Drama Starring: Tom Sizemore, Stacy Keach and Kevin P. FarleyMilkweed - Drama Starring: Rod Webber, Ali Bell and Arthur Wahlberg
Al Shearer: The Other Black Guy Running for President in 2012 - Comedy Starring: Jodi Bagley and Al Shearer
Kung Fu Man - Action Starring: Vanessa Branch, Tiger Hu Chen and Arman Darbo
The Search for Kennyboy - Comedy Starring: Mike McCown, Kelly Hyde and Demone Gore
The Last Act - Action Adventure Starring:  Ronald Quigley, Adam William Ward and Jesse James Rice
Goodbye Promise - Drama Starring: Dean Matthew Ronalds, Brian Ronalds and Sarah Prikryl
The Vessel  - Horror Starring: Randy Barrett, Dan Bertus and Stu Brumbaugh
Once Upon a Fight - Action Starring:  Alberto Alvarado, Leila Ciancaglini and Mario KonanSki Corral

2 June 2012

The Final Shift - Sci-Fi Starring: John Depew, Vanessa Leigh and Robert MianoCreep! - Drama Starring: Audrey Walters, Josh Phillips and Laurel Harris

Swedish Releases

1 June 2012

Prometheus (15) - Sci-Fi Horror Starring: Noomi Rapace, Logan Marshall-Green and Michael Fassbender
LOL  (12A)  - Comedy Romance Starring: Miley Cyrus, Douglas Booth and Ashley Greene


Week Commencing 4th June 2012

UK Releases

6 June 12

Red Tails (12A) - Adventure Drama Starring: Cuba Gooding Jr., Gerald McRaney and David Oyelowo
Ill Manors - Drama Starring: Riz Ahmed, Ed Skrein and Natalie Press

7 June 2012

Someday... Family Musical Starring:  Saahil Prem, Amrit Maghera and Akilesh Unnitan

8 June 2012

The Innkeepers (15) - Horror Thriller Starring: Sara Paxton, Pat Healy and Kelly McGillis
Casa de mi Padre (15) - Comedy Starring: Will Ferrell, Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna
A Fantastic Fear of Everything (15) - Comedy Starring: Simon Pegg, Paul Freeman and Amara Karan
The Pact  (15) - Horror Starring: Caity Lotz, Casper Van Dien and Agnes Bruckner
Victim - Action Drama Starring: Ashley Chin, Ashley Madekwe and Jason Maza
If I Were You  - Comedy Drama Starring: Marcia Gay Harden, Leonor Watling and Joseph Kell
The Harsh Light of Day  - Horror Starring: Dan Richardson, Giles Alderson and Sophie Linfield

US Releases

5 June 2012

Stitch in Time  - Crime Drama Starring:  Jesse Steccato, Richard Riehle and Mackenzie Firgens
Zoo - Drama Starring: Jermaine 'Huggy' Hopkins, Anthony 'Treach' Criss and Eddie Acevedo
The Cook - Horror Starring: Jeremy Castaldo, Amber Tranum and Ashley Elizabeth Pierce
6 June 2012

Alien Dawn - Sci-Fi Starring:  Brooke Lewis, Iva Franks Singer and Ifeyinwa

8 June 2012

Prometheus (As UK - 1 June 2012)
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - Animated Comedy Starring:  Ben Stiller, Jada Pinkett Smith and Chris Rock
Lola Versus - Comedy Starring:  Greta Gerwig, Zoe Lister Jones and Hamish Linklater
The Oregonian - Horror Mystery Starring:  Lindsay Pulsipher, Robert Longstreet and Matt Olsen
Falling Overnight - Drama Starring: Parker Croft, Emilia Zoryan and Barak Hardley
Blocked - Thriller Starring: Mario Guzman, Tiffany Shepis and Jose Rosete
The Talk Man - Drama Starring: Anthony Arkin, Chris Barber and Ian Bell

9 June 2012

Irwin & Fran - Biography Starring: Susan Sarandon, Dick Gregory and Irwin Corey
Doug Stabs Betty - Crime Comedy Starring: Calico Cooper, Berenika Bailey and Ron Pucillo

Swedish Releases

6 June 2012

Moonrise Kingdom - Comedy Romance Starring: Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward and Bruce Willis

8 June 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman (As UK - 30th May 2012) 
Chernobyl Diaries - Horror Starring: Jesse McCartney, Jonathan Sadowski and Olivia Dudley

Thought for the Day

Why does your nose run and your feet smell?

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Funny News - 26 May 2012

Moving office??

Wow.  These swiss sure don't mess around when moving offices.

Pity the poor workers who's office romance continued whilst in transit.

"Ere, Tamara, did the earth move for you honey?"

He must be mad!!

Like a bird
Yep, there are the odd occasions where an Englishman has been known to be a little eccentric shall we say, but jumping out of a helicopter without any parachute surely surpasses most oddities.

There is a video that is on the page that the headline is linked to and you can see from the line of boxes which makes up his landing strip just how narrow the margin of error is.

There are different angles available on youtube if you wish to see more - just search for Garry Connery.

The guy is crazy :)

Sexting Naked Women

Vanessa Hudgens
Apparently it's genetically hardwired into women and isn't restricted to famous celebrities.

Ok, which man wouldn't object to receiving an image from Scarlett Johansson or Vanessa Hudgens in the buff, but guys, if you get such a picture from any lady, you've pulled.

But be aware chaps, you may instead end up with a dose of reality (right) and just be glad she isn't naked!

A woman's place is in the Kitchen!!

It's been said by chauvinists down through the ages and now scientists are echoing a similar outcome as more and more women are doing less and less.

Guys, having ben sexted a picture of the women in your life, get her in the kitchen (without all the household gadgets) to keep her looking svelt.

You know you want to :)

Bill Clinton - The Man who never did.

A bird in the hand is worth......?
I did NOT inhale anything, nor have sex wih them, or knew they were pornstars.

Clueless Bill is seen once again in the public limelight without having engaged his brain.

Being at the White House during his term of Presidency sure must have been fun......well, whenever Hilary was away.

Man, those parties!!

Thought of the Day

Why is it so hard to remember how to spell MNEMONIC?

Friday, 25 May 2012

Funny news - Happy Days

Happy as Larry

First DC Comics announce that a Superhero is to come out of the closet, and now Marvel has a X-man ready to embrace his new man (who will be the man in the relationship then?).  Or does Marvel simply want to be top man?

No use beating themselves around the bush. Get it out and stand tall and be proud.

Gee, that's a hard one!

Lolo Jones (good name) is finding it hard to remain a virgin, and all joking aside, it's something to be proud of these days, but guys, guys, guys.  Really???  If she has sex with you she would run faster??

Pleeeeaase, have some originality won't you?  How about, you have my go-go juice then you will go-go quicker??

Anyway, I'm sure if she ran away from all the men who wants to have sex with her, she'd have broken the land speed record by now.

No Flies on You

Golly. Strict regime indeed.  Pity the poor cleaners.  Not only do they have to make the public loos spotless, they then have to take time to count how many flies there are.

"One.....two....oh bugger, must start again.  One.....damn (swats five with newspaper). Wight......One..."
And they regulate adverts in toilets, saying they must not obstruct functionality and have to be legal, reports the Beijing Times.
Adverts obstruct funtionality????  Whats this????  A person dressed up in a bunny suit handing out pamplets in the loo getting in the way of  dare I ak what?????

Naked pictures of ladies advertising the latest fragrance of underarm deoderant??  How does that obstruct functionality???  Stops a man having a poo????

One (Red) Tape stops Another

Only in England.  With the celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee soon to be upon us, the town council of Burnham-on-Sea (in Somerset) have been refused permission to hang buntings as apparently, the lamp posts which the buntings are to be tied, haven’t yet been stress-tested to see if they can carry the weight.

As you can see in the picture (right), heavy they are not.

BUT, due to the health and safety laws, sadly they will not be seen dangling from up high.  Any other country wouldn’t bother to ask, and hang them anyway.  

Score one for the jobsworth.

Please Don't Win

It's that time of year folks, oh yes. Where songs are sung, and the point scoring is anything but fair.

The UK's entrant welcomes Englebert Humperdinck back to the stage where at a sprite old age of 76, he will be belting out 'Love will set you free'.

However, with the winning country having to host the following year's show, and with esculating costs this annual show takes to produce, it's hardly any wonder that countries have resorted to 'no-hopers' being chosen to represent them.  Ireland staked their claims using Jedward last year and suceeded when they came nowhere.  Such a unrivalled success that Ireland has decided to resort to similar tactics this year and guess who's representing them this year...........yep, Jedward again. 

Spain has made it known they don't want to win, Ireland obviously don't want to win.  We (the UK) has an old-age-pensioner rallying the troops so that's us out.  Is this the way that the Eurozone should emulate??

By the way, rumour has it that Sweden's buggered as they have the favourite.

Thought of the Day

If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Funny News

Miss Odes
The lady in question, Miss Lauren Odes, got a right dressing down for being ‘hot’.  Surely those at fault would have been the individuals that appraised her at the job interview???
Odes was hired in April as a data entry worker for Native Intimates 
Maybe they should have a rethink of the company name and amend it to 'Intimately Naive'.
Maybe the Jewish men just got hot under the collar, or was that because Miss Odes was standing too close to them!!

You may call them thieves. But I think they’re f***ing useless that’s for sure.

A typical demostration
Not anymore it’s not.  You would be wrong for thinking that the organisers have come up with a new way to get more men to attend the European Championships but sadly, for them, it’s the topless activists of the Femen women's rights group who have secured two sparsely-furnished rooms in order to ‘get fit’ before launching into pre-emptive ‘assaults’ on the championships with a plethora of topless demonstrations.
“With a new operational base close to Kiev city centre, Femen has already fired its first shots.”
Really, didn’t know they had men working with them, as well as a spelling mistake in the article (Go on, F in Femen is replaced by another letter!!!).

But this could make for an interesting viewing at the end when the players are joined on pitch, after the match has finished, for shirt swapping.

Expect ticket sales to increase anyhow.  

Firstly, that's one way to go. 
KTSM television later reported that White suffered a heart attack while being entertained by the dancers.
Now, I don't know about you, but surely the dancer would have noticed something wrong here wouldn't
Lapdance sweetie?
A manager of the club says employees tried to perform CPR on White but were unsuccessful.
I like to think it was out of the kindness of their hearts that they wished to revive him, and not due to the fact that he hadn't paid them yet!!

Give it your best shot

Well well. Talk about getting the some things straight. I'm certain that the Florida Planned Parenthood affiliate are making an up-standing contribution by encouraging openly the need for self expression in the masturbation arena.

Ejaculating their desires into the sandbox of public debate is all very well, but a expansion of the 'many health benefits' should be made also.

I know this is the Offical US National Masturbation Month, but I dread to think when the Unoffical celebrations are.  Daily???? So stand up and be counted.

Hmm, Hey Ho

So, a major DC cartoon super hero is to be outed as being, how can I put it, a peter-puffer.

A renaming maybe in order.

(Gay SH): "Hey ho - I'm...Butch. Wanna ride?"

Or worse still - "is it a bird, is it a plane.....Oh dear lord, it's a leotard mankini. Run for your lifes"

Thought of the Day

If you can't drink and drive, why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor, and why do bars have parking lots?

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Investigation into Islam

Some of you may know that I sometimes frequent the hallowed halls of Interpals, and amoung the forums is a section entitled 'Religions & Philosophy'.

Where I sometimes reside
Due to the nature of the subject, it can get a bit fraught in there but the forum moderators do an excellent job n keeping things under control.

However, there are times where it seems that there is a strong negative feeling towards muslims (mainly from those in the western parts of civilisation), especially against those who express their religious opinion to a point where is could be viewed as overtly preaching, even to the extent where consideration for other people's religion is ignored.

Now I’m an open-minded person, and I fully admit that I know very little about Islam so I do not contribute to any of those threads.  But this curiosity of mine would very much like to know why such feelings against muslims exist so I'd thought that I would investigate to find out more.
Now, I’ve never really gone about ‘an investigation’ as such, let alone documenting this as I have gone along, so this will be new to me, as no doubt to some of you as well.  I do accept that it may appear jumbled (probably because it will be) but I will welcome any thoughts and comments on the subject as we go, and feel free if you wish to contribute.

Where to start then?  That’s the question.  

Well, for me, it seems the best place is to glean a little background knowledge about Islam and go from there.  And for those of you who are muslim, I do apologise in advance for telling you what you already know, please do tell me if I have posted any inaccurate information

In the Beginning

Islam is the religion of allegiance to God and to his prophet, Mohammed, who lived aound 570-632 and came from a family of traders at Mecca.

The word Islam derives from the semitic root as the Hebrew word Shalom, which means peace.  Islam means "entering into a condition of peace and security with God, through allegiance or surrender to him".

The religion's book of revelation, as mediated by the prophet, is the Koran, and it is said that Mohammed received these revelations over a period of 23 years from the Angel Jibreel (or Gabriel), who was relaying the word of God.  In the eyes of muslims, Mohammed completes a succession of prophets, which includes Abraham, Moses and Jesus, each of whom refined and restated the message of God.

Islam is not a new faith, but is the third great monotheistic religion (the belief in the existence of one god, or in the oneness of god). 

The Koran
The Koran therefore corroborates, updates and expands the Old and New Testaments.  It contains 114 chapters, written in vivid, rhyming prose, and was settled in its current form within 30 years of Mohammed's death.
Main opinions central to Islam is the absolute sense that there can only be one God (Allah) and that he is the source of all creation and disposer of all lives and events. Hence, there is no God but God, and Mohammed is his messenger.  And that all people should become a single Umma (community) witnessing to that fact, and on the day of judgment, all will rise from the dead and be sent to heaven or hell.
The Koran itself, contains many moral exhortations, forming the basis of Islamic (sharia) law. It lays down generosity, fairness and the requirements for daily prayer, alms giving, abstinence during daylight hours in the month of Ramadan and pilgrimage to Mecca.

The five pillars of the Islamic faith (which forms the fundamental constituents of Muslim life) are: · 

Shahada - the profession of faith in the uniqueness of Allah and the centrality of Mohammed as his prophet.
Salat - formal worship or prayer.
Zakat - the giving of alms for the poor, assessed on all adult Muslims as 2.5% of capital assets once a year
Hajj - pilgrimage to Mecca, which every Muslim should undertake at least once in their lifetime; the annual hajj takes place during the last 10 days of the 12th lunar month every year
Sawm - fasting during Ramadan, the holy ninth month of the lunar year.

Early history 

A depiction of Mohammed
It was in 622, when Mohammed travelled from Mecca to Medina in the hijrah (emigration), which is the focus point that determines the start of the Muslim dating system.

After the prophet's death, his community split into followers of the caliph Abu Bakr and those who supported Mohammed's closest relative, his son-in-law, Ali ibn Abi Talib.

This division between Shia (followers of Ali) and Sunni (followers of the custom of the caliphate) persists to this day. Although both share most of the customs of the religion, Shiites place more emphasis on the guiding role of the imam.

It it believed that around 90% of the world's Muslims are Sunni and the remaining 10% Shia.
Sharia is the moral code and religious law of Islam. It deals with many topics addressed by secular law such as crime, politics and economics, as well as personal matters such as sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, prayer and fasting.

How far modern Islamic states follow this principle depends on the degree of secularisation they permit. It is essentially laid down by the Koran but has been updated and extended by fatwa (legal opinion), consensus and custom.

Own Comments

The above is what I have discovered so far, and to some degree, has opened my eyes up a little, as whilst I hadn't given any serious thought about Islam (or any other religion), the back of my mind had believed this to be a religion about a different god to that which I am more familiar with, having been brought under the christian Church of England.

So I am surprised that it is about the same god, albeit under a different name, with some of the same names appearing in both christian and Islamic religions.  This has made me even more puzzled why there is this difference between our religions and even more so as to the more violent aspects of the Extremist branch of Islam, which I hope to begin to comprehend the reasons why such extremists exist, and why the West are so concerned with labelling them as terrorists.

The other fact that I have uncovered so far is that, according to the Guiness Books of Records, Islam is the fastest growing religion by conversions each year.

Next Time:  Well, to be honest, I've no idea what I will discover about Islam or the path that I will take, but the ultimate goal, as mentioned before, is simply to find out why the West seem so anti-Islamic.  

Thought of the Day

Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Funny News - May 2012

Ok - An Awwww Moment

I only include it as the farm mentioned, Pennywell Farm, is situated in Devon, and isn't that far away from me, so when the need takes me, I will go along and have a nice slap up meal - sausages and mash, with strawberries and ice-cream to finish.

In your dreams

This gismo apparently allows the user to pre-determine what type of dreams they wish to have - no surprises for which this will be in red-bloodied single males.

However, instead of the $95 price tag, I would heartily recommend a cheaper alternative (below).

Rubbing people up the wrong way

A thought to ponder (other than the obvious or not so obvious) but by using the 'withdrawal' method, surely the video in question, was pulled because it was too popular??

Tree Hugging

Realisation dawns!!
If you're deperate for some relief of a sexual nature, please don't go to nature to get some sexual relief.  Alan Petrusson, a man of dubious intelligence decided to do just that, in the nearby park.

He apparantly tied himself spread-eagled to a tree.  Well, full marks on achieving that, because I wouldn't know how one can tie oneself to a tree, let alone spread-eagled, but pushing that to one side, it stands to reason that anyone wishing to spend quality time attached (semi-naked) to any tree, must be barking, and how anyone would wish to join him (presumably hip to hip) must also be out of their tree.

"A park visitor who spoke to CBS Minnesota was none too pleased to hear that the park is being used for public sex."

But the above quote must surely the scariest thing to emarge from the article for a number of reasons. The foremost being that the tree-tied man had sex????? Surely not!!!!  Scary.

Up All Night??

The young man, Lee Moore, having not only posted on the internet (via his twitter account), the recorded sounds from the noisy amorous couple, but agreed to a newspaper article being written about the affair, only now decides that he might have to deal with any revenge.

Good job he tried to hide his identity then......ooops!!


Here you go dearie - Strimmer!!

Aww, bless her little cotton socks.  A little old lady thought  she had lost her husband's van.

Moral of the story - Get out more!!!  And cut some grass while you're at it.......preferably when you're untied from a tree!!!

Hard Up!!

Well, no wonder he can't afford to make any payments, he's too busy doing what he does best.

Thought for the Day

If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors?

English Language - Colons

Ok, what!!  You've managed to overcome my Apostrophe diatribe.  By the gods, you are not normal.....and ye be wanting more??

The Colon
OK then.  Subject matter today is: Colons (and no, not those in your stomach).


Obviously, a colon can be placed after the word that is making the introduction. Some examples are:
  • Visit:
  • The following points arose during the recent fire-drill:
    • Rushing out at 90 m.p.h. isn't necessary - normal home-time pace is fine
    • Yelling "The end of the world in nigh" isn't totally appropriate
    • Hiding in the lavatories isn't a good idea - you'll get caught with your trousers down
  • Contact us by:
    • Phone: 0800 101010 (won nothing won nothing won nothing - for Man Utd fans)
    • Email:
  •  Beer: The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems'
Warning - Do not use a semicolon for introductions.

No Hypen required - There is no need to place a hyphen after a colon such as:-. It's outdated.

To extend a sentence

A colon can be used to expand on a subject that has been mentioned earlier in the sentence. For example:
  • The body was located in two rooms: the lounge and the kitchen.
  • The thief's success was due to one fact: he didn't get caught.
When a slight break is required instead of a new sentence, a semicolon is used, not a colon. Remember, the colon introduces words explaining a previous part of the sentence.

Think of a colon as an equal sign.

So using the above example.
  • Two rooms = lounge and kitchen
  • success = not getting caught
When thought of in this way, the wording is an equal phrase, and is also known as an appositive phrase to something mentioned before the colon.
Bullet Points

With Bullet points

A colon is often used to introduce bullet points.

Remember, when using bullet points, always treat the punctuation consistently throughout (e.g. capital letters and punctuation at the beginning and end of each bullet). So whatever style you choose, stick to it for the rest of the document.
  • Toothpaste helps with:
    • Tooth Decay.
    • Plaque.
    • Profit for the, maufacturing company. 

In References

As dividers

Colons are useful to divide up references, titles and times.  For example:
  • Learn Genesis: Chapter 9: Verse 1 by tomorrow.
  • Have you watched  "Star Trek IV: The Voage Home"?
  • The alarm clock has been set for 06:50.

Before Quotations

A point of note, when introducing a quote of more than six words, use a colom.  For anything less, use a comma. Foe example:
  • Did Mike Myers really say: "My theory is that all of Scottish cuisine is based on a dare."?
  • It was Douglas Adams who said, "Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so".
  • Plato said, "Love is a serious mental disease".(only six words so a comma is used) 

Thought of the Day

If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Olympic Torch - On the Road

Yes peeps, as predicted, the flame did a Michael Barrymore today (go out with a pouf).  The first time since the journey began at Land’s End.

Anyhow, I managed to get out yesterday (Sunday 20 May 2012) with daughter to see the torch being manhandled on it’s route from Stoke Fleming to Dartmouth.

I was here (in Dartmouth)
There was quite a small crowd where I stood, next to the roundabout junction where the Stoke Fleming road meets up in Dartmouth, and never have I seen so many police motorcycles congregate at once.  Definitely six at one time and possibly a seventh too, before they shot off down the road, only to be replaced 10 minutes later by another party of five.   

There were other various police vehicles there, not to mention the buses and other vehicles that the sponsoring campanies had supplied and after all of them had come and gone did we get to see the torch carrier and entourage briefly, which was smaller, and slower and then it was all gone.  A bit of an anti-climax really.

And yes, I did take a photo (above) but it isn't brilliant.  But least you get to see the flame.

Still, it was an interesting experience, and one I fear I will not see again in person, as this is most likely a 'once in yourt lifetime' event.

So, at last count, the flame has flaked out twice now since first ignited back in Greece, and the voyage around the UK is till in it's first few days.  The count continues....