Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Funny News 14 May 2012

Hey, Let's do the Conga

Com'mon people, let's have some quality 'family time', which is what these cute lil bears decided to do a few days ago.

Yep, they didn't go for the full bear hug, but they sure can chew the ears of the unwary listener.

Since being placed on You-Tube, this 51 second recording has attracted over 528,000 views.

All together now......awwwwwww.

It's a bum deal

Until some smarty pants points it now, it never really came to mind that sitting down on one's behind can actually make your bum bigger, but it stands to reason.....well, sits down to reason actually.
Professor Gefen warned that, while there are extreme cases of people confined to wheelchairs or beds due to medical conditions, many people live a too sedentary lifestyle - spending most of the day behind a desk.
Darn - "Hey Boss - Does my bum look big in these here trousers??"

So, where does that leave our criminal fraternity who are currently sitting on their Queen Mum at Her Majesty's Pleasure?

Topless Grab

Making a play for it!

 Pity the poor woman who feels the need to draw attention to both herself and the plight of the females in the Ukrainian Sex Industry.  At least she knew how to spell correctly.

Yulia Kovpachik is a member of the Kiev-based Femen women's rights group which is well known for making bare-chested protests in the Ukraine.
Well, that'll get the viewing figures up I should imagine.
Organisers said the 8kg Henri Delaunay cup was undamaged though Kovpachik appeared to topple back under its weight as security guards seized her. It was still on show in late evening.

Isn't it reassuring to know that the organisers were more concerned about the Trophy then anything else.
Pity the poor stewards who had to make a grab for her though, and in such an event, which part do you aim to latch onto?

Hey dude - You've pulled!

Thats just Crap

The Aussies are never short for showing off their intellectual prowess, and this particular art exhibit really shows a pile of brown stuff.
"It put me off because of the overwhelming assault on the senses," said Diane Malnic, a Sydney-based accountant.
An accountant eh??  Well, and typically, in true accountant mode, the report revealed...
Yet this was her second visit in five months, following a family holiday in Tasmania earlier in the year. This time, she flew without her husband and children just to have another look at the collection...
Say what you mean dear, and don't just say that it's a pile of crap.

Blood - What Blood!!

This lady obviously had her moments, and this month's moment was fortuitously used as an excuse for assaulting a man with carving fork.
Investigators noticed a glass pipe typically used in crack smoking, but Cruz smashed it on an officer's patrol car.
Well, period or no period, crack-smoking certainly takes on a new meaning here folks!!!!

I'm just going on Facebook

Well, this is certainly one reason that I've not used for going on facebook, but I can certainly see why many people post as much, and as often as they do.

Will this be grounds for divorce in years to come???

Thought for the Day


Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavour, while dishwashing liquid is made with real lemons?

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