Sunday, 13 May 2012

Funny News Roundup


Yep, not happy having the Japanese hold, stroke and cuddle them, the cat's franchise has moved to Vienna, Austria , where the latest 'outbreak' of feline friendlyness has occurred.

Cafe Neko ("Neko" meaning "cat" in Japanese) opened earlier this month to the sound of contented pussies purring, due to abnormally high stroking and petting. 
"Surprisingly, more than 99 per cent the reactions are positive. One of our goals is to provide some happiness to people who cannot have cats on their own, because of their jobs or family members suffering from allergies," Ishimitsu said.
If family members suffer from cat related allergies (e.g. children) then they wouldn't be able to visit the cafe due to said children with their cat allergies.

Still, if you're into fondling warm pussies, then I guess this is the place for you.

A Day at the Horses

Over in Ireland, we appear to be having some confusion on horses being allowed to pull carts surprisingly, on roads.

Superintendent Con Cadogan, from the Irish Police, said: "We regard this as a really serious incident and it being fully investigated at the moment."
Said Superintendent Cadogan, as he pocketed his winings from the race.

I just like to know whether the driver of the police vehicle will be charged for dangerous driving, or causing an affray, or with intent to cause harm to the horse.

I think the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) should be notified.

Also, only one man was arrested at the incident.  Why!!! Did the other get away by said horse and cart??

When Brains go Tweet

DIY Brain Surgery
Guess it had to happen.  In a move to increase popularity in their Twitter profile, Doctors decided that instead of attending to patients that were in need of their attention, they would descend en-masse and report live to the 'listening' world, via twitter, a commentary, using words and pictures descibing the enthralling tensions and excitement that occurs when one does brain surgery.
Officials from @houstonhospital warned before the surgery: 'The contents of this #brain #surgery may be GRAPHIC in NATURE.'
Then don't publish the photos......duh!!!

Apparently 125 million twitter views were noted, although we do not have data as too how many passed out due to said graphic scenes.
'Someone may have a loved one who is considering a similar procedure and perhaps they can glean some information from this Twittercast that may help them make a decision about whether surgery is the right choice for them.'

And when seen, not only will they know what their loved ones will go through, but their nightmares can now be more intense, vivid and realistic!!!

Ice Cold Bitch

Well, if you ever decide to call a woman an ice-cold bitch, you now have a better chance of being correct!

And yes, it be those male Japanese scientists still intent on women's particulars.  This time, the breast, or both of them actually.

The only thing that concerns me is the need to have a windchime and a mint leaf in between.

For the men??? Music while you snack????

It's good to text

Here in the UK, it has been a couple of years where it is now illegal to text, or even hold your mobile phone whilst driving, and for good reason, but in New Jersey, in the good ol US of A, you can now be fined for dangerous, or even, reckless walking.
Police said that before they put their foot down and started dishing out the tickets for text-walking, they handed out fliers warning of the dangers.
I'm certainly glad that the New Jersey police force recognise the fact that in order to get on the heels of these heinous villans, they would have to get off their bums and, dare I say it, walk. BUT, heaven help them if they radio in for reinforcements, as they too should surely fall afoot of the new dangerous walking bill.

Blame it on the Voodoo

Well, it's as good a reason to blame it on as any I suppose.

I guess that the man in question was hard-up, and had the 'shirt-off-his-back' from his landlord, so was forced into such a difficult position that he had no option but to turn to the voodoo witch-doctors.

I just hope there was nothing wrong with his deposit.

Soap is the new High

I'm personally glad that the school authorities have decided not to wash their hands of the affair.
Hand sanitizer contains 62 percent ethyl alcohol and, when ingested, produces the same effects of consuming a 120-proof alcoholic beverage or 50 percent more alcohol than hard liquor, according to Mowry.

How does he know????

Maybe the problem lies in having efficent chemistry professors.

70 year old Virgin (I kid you not)

Maybe she's just too picky!!!

And Finally

To finish off this post, I suggest you take a moment, to calm yourself, and take a deep breath before clicking on the next link.

Raped by Own Brother

Thought of the Day

Only in Supermarkets make the sick people walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.

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