Saturday, 30 June 2012

Funny News - 30 June 2012


Only a matter of interpretation I know, but racey, or sexy????  Nooooo. 

A clothes horse has more curves on it than she does, and thats saying something.

How do you like your eggs?

Well, if I were to arrive home suddenly, there would be no great picker upper than to see a naked young woman making breakfast.

Sadly, she had her boyfriend with her at the time and both scapered off  pronto.
"Timmons.....was tracked down shortly thereafter and apprehended behind the Taunton Ice Company building at 216 High St"
Just love the idea that police managed to identify a naked man on the loose, but really!!!  Hiding behind the local Ice Company wasn't the coolest of ideas he's had.

Bare Cheek (No link here)

Don't ever shut a bear cub in the garage - Mummy will come looking for it.

British is Best - At Last
Awwww, Isn't he adorable??

Well folks.  Finally something to....erm....cheer about.

We can now proudly say that here, in the great country that is the United Kingdom, has the World's, I repeat, the WORLD's ugliest dog - Official.

But somebody sure loves him..........I think.

Wow - Skateboarding King

"A Canadian has become the fastest human in the world on a longboard when he clocked an incredible 80.74 mph on a public road"
That is something though isn't it??
"Michael Emprick, the Guinness adjudicator on hand to oversee the attempt, described it as "an amazing demonstration of what the human body is capable of with dedication and hard work.
"What I'll remember most about Mischo's attempt isn't just the incredible speed he was able to achieve, it was the sound of his skateboard wheels as it zoomed past," he added."
Followed swiftly by the sound of screaming as the police nabbed him for speeding on a public highway.............well, they should have!!

Mind you - I prefer this effort....

Trust Them!!

The National Trust (here in the UK) is a trust which helps protects the nations houses, gardens, coastlines, moorlands etc.  Almost an establishment in itself but have now, in an effort to 'protect' the previously sleazy area of Soho, in London, once notorious for its sex industry, and to guide those would be 'sight-seers'.
"Some of the language is a little close to the bone..."
 Ahem...really!!!  I'm not saying anything, as I'm sure you can all make your own jokes here.

Surely not the right sort of protection to be mentioning here one would think.

Thought for the Day

How did a fool and his money GET together?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Funny News - June 2012

Taking the Mickey

Well, he's obviously been so farout of it, that not only did he leave Earth's orbit, he had to visit Mercury and leave his "Mickey was 'ere" image.

Guess it's a relief it wasn't on Pluto!!

What A Relief

For those awkward moments

To be able to leave the bathroom if your tummy has one of it's turns.

However, being stuck with superglue couldn't have been much fun either.

Big Boss is Watching you

Wow - has things come that bad where the boss sits in his office, and instead of just working, he's there looking at his PC screen and wondering where the hell his mid-morning cup of tea has got to.

Thanks to those jolly nice chaps at Google, he (or she) will be able to identify who's where and doing what (and to whom???).  Possibilities are endless if the spouse gets their hands on this.   This could mean the end to months of uncertainty as to whether the spouse is having an affair or not.

Spouse: "Where's is my husband?"
Google Maps: "Your husband is currently residing in Mrs Robinson at number 32".
"Employees who are worried about privacy will be able to turn off the tracking device during times such as their lunch breaks and will also be able to see when they are being tracked through a notification on their screen."
I've just thought - imagine the possibilities if this could be linked to Twitter, and we could "see" where our favourite celebrity currently is.

Stalking has never been so easy - lol.

Number 19!!

Welcome to the Gambling arena for stutterers.  Place your bets.  N-N-N-N-Nineteen.  Job done.

Soaring Bills

Monthly payment option anyone??
Ok - So I knew that energy companies were putting up prices but even this is a tad extreme.

Still, I'm for it if one person gets to pay for the rest of us.  Bargain.

There's an App for that surely??

Well, this just damn well confirms it.  There are some sad people out there.
But the survey also found ............that..... with 4 per cent admitting to using their iPhone during sex
Well,  it does beg the question doesn't it???

Like a morgue!!

God, don't you just wish you'd be sat next to somebody that doesn't interupt you with inane mumblings and constant whinging.

The peace, the quiet, the oh so blissful silence that many need when travelling.

Ok - slight drawback maybe the smell, but nothings perfect in life.

I know a few teachers who would prefer a classroom full of corpses. 

Thought for the Day

If you throw a cat out a car window does it become kitty litter?

Monday, 25 June 2012

Funny News - 25 June 2012

Get it on!!

Well, maybe.  Wanna test drive a potential lover???  There's an app for it. 

Thanks to the Swedes, bless them.

The Swedes are quite renowned for their more relaxed and open views on sex, and nakedness and stuff like that, but what I find surprising about this news, is that....
"Swedes are bad at using condoms," she said, pointing out that studies showed that as few as 40 percent of Swedes used protection.
"Did you know Swedes are among the worst in the world at using a condom?"
I just wanna say, in their defence - maybe, just maybe, it isn't that the Swedes are bad at raising the protective issue.

But just bad at unwrapping the blighters.

Having it Off

With her head. And all for the family honour.
Head chopping?? Maybe not
Oghad Singh surrendered at a police station two days ago, carrying his daughter's head in one hand and the bloodied ceremonial sword he had used to chop it off in the other.
Evidence - What evidence?? Bah, tis only circumstantial my son.
Police said Mr Singh, a marble miner, accused his daughter of bringing dishonour to the family and of making it hard to find husbands for her two unmarried sisters.
 Hmmm, made it a darn sight harder now old bean.
 Villagers condemned the father's actions as extreme.
Really!!!! You don't say?? Mind you, saved a bit on the future wedding expenses hasn't he??

The New Virgin Mary

Well, the link is tenious - I mean, can you see the Virgin Mary attired like this???
“I think if I’m 40, and I don’t have any kids,and I’m not married, I would have a baby artificially inseminated,” she said. “I would feel like Mary, like Jesus is my baby.”

Hmmm, Yes - John Lennon she is not, but hey, any excuse to show Ms Kardashian naked is fine by me.

Get High at Walmart

Handsome chap!!
Well, I presume that to cater for all walks of life, meth making has just got to be stocked somewhere, possibly with the dishwasher tablets, or Oreo's.

James Richardson, with rugged good looks and a complexion that a model would die for (ok, maybe not), walked in thinking that it obvioulsy was  DIY store.

A simple mistake to make, as you all well know. 

Was he looking for that well known carpet cleaner 'Shake and Vac'??

Painting by numbers

I only got up to two!!! - I can't think why??

Thailand's Got Talent - Says it all really!!

Thought of the Day

How come wrong numbers are never busy?

Friday, 22 June 2012

Funny News - 22 June 2012

And proud of them!!
This guys got balls

In more ways than one.

"He suffers from high blood pressure and asthma. He can't urinate normally or have sex. He has daily bouts of depression."

Wesley Warren Jr in all his glory

Not surprised he's depressed if he can't have sex or wee normally, although it boggles the mind how exactly he does relieve himself (oooh, an naughty entendre - smacks wrist).

Quick to consumate

Boy, oh boy.  Getting married simply has to be one of the best experiences in life, and the groom in this instance surely couldn't wait to get down to the nitty-gritty, fun side of the marriage.

Yep, he was so randy, he got down and dirty.......but not with the bride.


Oh no, he got off with the waitress, and was only found out when his father-in-law popped into the kitchen for a quickie....(a snack that is - really!!!).

Still, the grooms got it all sussed.  After the divorce was settled, he's since gotten married to that waitress.

Bet she had to keep an eye on him at the wedding reception!!

Sex Education

Boys will be boys, and in an all-boys school, this is exactly what they did - only trouble was, they did it in class.
The paper has obtained and reviewed testimonials written by 22 students in the class.
 Really!!! Thought they all had their hands full!!
 The teacher has not replied to a newspaper request for comment but a union representative is rallying support for him.
Indeed - the union are instructing that all of it's members be upstanding in their support of him, and have advised him to give it his best shot!!

Having a crush on you

So popular was the offer (£220 of groceries if naked) that the store manager decided to limit the number of naked customers to batches of 20 to avoid crushing.

Me thinks he just wanted to perv at the flesh on show for that little bit longer.


America all Lit up

Ok, it's sure is darn pretty to see the US of A all lit up in many a different colous and you can't help but wonder as the beauty of it, and the amazement when you realise that it's a 'map' of various factors, all done via the wonders of GPS.

I just think that, someone, somewhere, is watching you as you happily travel across town to the next fling whilst you're partner is blissfully unaware of your shinanigans.

Big Brother is watching you???  Oh yeah, well thanks to the wonders of TV and the internet, so will everyone else on the planet.


Want flied lice with that?
The farmer is mad.  Chinese as well, but definitely mad.  Here in the UK, we drivers get fed up when you come accross the cows, being herded from one side of the road to the other for milking time.  It's a pain to be sure, but I'd rather watch the little feathered birds merrily dash about.
"According to the farmer, he regularly drives his ducks through the city and, despite the large numbers involved, says he has never lost a duck during the journey."
You mean to say he counts them all after he's herded them hither and thither??

4,996.....4,997......4,998......oh!!  Two crispy duck au van missing!!!  But is tasted luvely!!

But then, the report never said he was a chinese restauant delivery service!!!

Thought for the Day

What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Funny News - 21 June 2012

Need a resume??

Oh yeah baby!

Hair Raising Stuff!
Yo Mama - Looking good!!

Having a problem with lack of hair on your bonce??  Feel the need to cover it up??  Look no further - age is not a problem......evidently!! Normall you'd say, "Tut, trust the Japanese" BUT NO!!  Tis our jolly american friends wanting a piece of the wacky-looney fashion stakes.

You too can have a babe on your arms looking saucy, chic and debonair. It won't matter that much if she's only 10 months old.

Cradle snatcher :)

Stuff that

Do you now!!!
 If you go down to the woods today, you gonna be in for a surprise.

Yep, those darn cuddly critters are leading folk astray ladies and gentlemen.

It certainly led Charles Marshall up the garden path, and not just the once neither.

Just a warning for the ladies, some men just want to give your teddy a good stuffing (ahem).

Hit me with your Rhythm Stick

Pity the brave policeman who had to taser an 80 year old naked lady, in St George, South Carolina last month.

Questions were asked.

I bet they were.  I mean, which part do you taser???  And would you wanna look at an eighty year old naked lady????
She then started swinging her cane around and the town’s police chief Anthony Britt decided to take action to prevent any members of the public getting hurt
Aha, it was all done for the public's protection.  Damn right - I wouldn't have wanted to have been blinded by her, or suffer from flashbacks after seeing Dorris Brown in the nude.
"Officers made contact with her. She was non responsive and quoting scriptures from the Bible," Britt told Live5 WCSC News.
Hold on - she was non-responsive BUT managed to quote scriptures - Lord, it's a miracle!!
"One of the officers that came from behind almost got hit in the head with the cane. At that point, I just told the officers,'She's in a safe position, just go ahead and tase her so we can prevent anybody from getting hurt.’”
If I have read this out of context, I'm almost would have been certain that this would have come from some trashy porn novel.....not that I've read any mind.

Fancy a roll

A Cigar of course, well, cigar flavoured.  Yep, the wonderfully novel flavours are getting more and more bizarre.


Chocloate and Rosemary
Crab Sorbet
Sea-Salted Caramel
Cigar smoked Caramel

and with Wimbledon in mind, Grass, Strawberry and Hay flavoured Ice-Cream (as only a British player would know).

Hmmmmmm, yummy........or not possibly.

And Finally

Thought of the Day

Do they have reserved parking for non-handicap people at the Special Olympics?

Friday, 15 June 2012

Funny News

Anywhere, anyhow, anytime

Anywhere by name, and by the sound of things, by nature too!!

Her husband, Bright (who obviously isn't), has accepted the baby as if it were his own.

And he believes his wife's word that she only had just the one, one-night stand, which resulted in the baby.  Apparently they've been trying for ages and, after a quick "wham-bam thank you ma'am" roll in the sack, I mean office, all's well with the world.

Hmmm, I'm just interested in what they've named the baby.  Thoughts anyone??

Splash the Cash

My Yost - Jammy Beggar
Well, someone did, and forunately for a certain Mr Timothy Yost, a homeless man who happened upon it whilst walking in the park looking to wash his feet.

He was only dragged in by police when he tried to exchange the damp money, by a bank clerk when Mr Yost attempted to exchange it for some dry money.  Those darn bank clerks know how to spoil a party don't they.

Still, it now transpires he can keep the cash, all $77,000, jammy beggar, but I'm sure you'll all be glad to know that he is no longer homeless.

Those kindly souls at the police station decided he could stay in one of their cells............for public intoxication and criminal trespass. 

Gotta go wash my feet now.

Dying for some relief

Well, here you go folks.  Enjoy the pictures.

Stand up and be counted men

Following on from the toilet fails, I think this is no time to take the subject sitting down - us men have to be firm and remain upstanding for the duration of the interval, be it in the bathroom, or wherever the need takes you.

It seems that the Swedes (bless their cotton socks) are now wishing for men to take a load off their feet when in the little boys room.
Male representatives on the Sormland County Council in Sweden should sit rather than stand while urinating in office restrooms, according to a motion advanced by the local Left Party. Known as a socialist and feminist organization, the party claims that seated urination is more hygienic for men
You know, this just gives me the shakes.

I'm just here for the Ride!!

The Sex Guru
It seems that Americans are pretty ignorant....pretty much about everything.  However, the two main subjects it appears is sex and giving money away needlessly.

Enter Eric Amaranth, sex guru for those too gullible, I mean, sexually-unaware couples, to help them obtain for want of a better phrase, help in which to get it on (or get it off, or have it off or whatever).  Let's face it, he's not backward when coming.....errr forward.

He will coach you with on the job plays.  Guide you with a firm hand, and join in with the aftermath celebrations.

The guys a genius, and in homage to the man, I shall likewise offer my services to the masses here in the UK.  But let's not get overcome with sentimentality.

£50 and I'm anyones!!

Thought for the Day

(For Americans) If the front of your car says 'DODGE', do you really need a horn?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Funny News - 13 June 2012

It's a.....(Half baked)........Baby!!

Can't bite the head off first!!
Ever thought to yourself how difficult it can be getting a card for a new arrival.

Never fear - go one better, and order a cake.

The difficult bit being which part to bite first???

It's a Pig, nope, it's a dog!!

Remember a TV programme in the UK called "That's Life".

All I can say to this is.............Saus-sa-ges!!!

Hot under the collar

Ok, so maybe way lower than the collar, but I'm sure the man in question got steamed up about nothing really.

Although why his wife was complaining as well I've no idea.  Was she in the loo with him at the time???  And if so, doing what I may ask??

God Bless.....everyone else really!

Well, it's a long time coming, but it sure is good to know that America are finally beginning to follow in the footstep of us British, by pampering to the politically correct, and letting patriotism begin the rocky slope to the self-erosion of national identity.

Take your pick
We, in the UK, can proudly call ourselves English.......................or Scottish......or Irish or fact we're jolly pleased to be able to allow anyone to call themselves Islamists/Christian/Catholics/Jesuits/Mormons/British Jews/Black Carribean/Black African/Bangladeshi/Chinese/Indian/Pakastani/Asian/Mixed Race or just about any creed or ethnic group you want really, hey we don't discriminate (well, not much really) we even allow Jedi to be an official religion here in the UK.

May the farce be with you!!

Gossip as you go

As an idea, this one will travel.

Cars talking to each other - I can picture it now.

Ford Mondeo:  Let me pass please. Beep-Beep!
BMW: No way sonny.  Stay behind me you rust bucket whilst I'll swing by this 'ere Trans-Am.
Trans-Am: Huh!! (Changes into second and pulls away) Ha Ha
A Aston-Martin, Ferrari and a Lamborghini whizzes past however - meiow
Little lady on a 50cc moped overtakes them all: Take that suckers!!! (machine-gun fires into crowded freeway as vehicles pull over).
All vehicles subsequently heard whining to Ford Crown Victoria Police interceptor - It REALLY was Bugatti Veyron Super Sport officer

Watching Porn will make you blind

No, seriously.  Well, for the females that is.  Us men seem to have built up a natural immunity to this problem (ahem).
The new sex study shows that watching hard-core erotic films reduces blood flow to the visual cortex of healthy, heterosexual women, blurring their eyesight.
There you go then. Although the thought crosses my mind (no, not that particular thought), does this mean that porn actresses could sue film makers for involving them in movies which will make them blind???  Surely an industry related accident waiting to happen???

Daft I know, BUT anything's possible!!!

Cheaters never prosper!!

But doesn't mean to say that you can have a damn good try.

Although, surely it must have been a bit suss if the boy in question walked awdwardly into the exam room looking like he'd put on weight overnight, or even the sound of crinkling paper as he walked past might have alerted officials.

Still, let's just put it down to creative thinking on his part.  Still - Nul points.

Funny Condom Slogans

I couldn't link to the site in question so copied and pasted this as it is funny, and naturally, I just wanted to share.

Nike Condoms – Just do it.
Peugeot Condoms – The ride of your life.
Vauxhall condoms – Raising the Standard!
Sony Condoms – Do not underestimate the power of Sony Condoms.
Microsoft Condoms – Where do you want to go today?
KFC Condoms – Finger Licking Good.
Burger King Condoms – Home of the Whopper.
M&Ms Condoms – Melt in your mouth, not in your hands.
Galaxy Condoms – Why have rubber when you can have silk.
Minstrels Condoms – Melt in your mouth, not in your hands.
Muller Light condoms – So much pleasure, but where’s the pain.
Safeway Condoms – Lightening the load
Tesco Condoms – Every little helps
Sainsbury Condoms – Making life taste better
Abbey National Condoms – Because life’s complicated enough
Coca Cola Condoms – The Real Thing.

Thought for the Day

Why is it when two planes almost hit each other it is called a "near miss"? Shouldn't it be called a "near hit"?

Monday, 11 June 2012

Funny News - 11 June 2012

Holiday Destinations Anyone??

Match made in heaven
Well, I guess this twinning towns, cities and what-have-yous marlarky has now come up with a rather appropriate pair.

Hey, You're Dull.  Yeah, well you're Boring.

Sadly, it's true, after the US town of Boring has agreed to become a 'sister community' to Dull of Scotland (and there's no truer word been said of Scotland).

Are these 'communities' THAT sad that they have to further highlight it by twinning??

The lights are on folks but.............!!! 


Wait a second - you have a man who's acting somewhat out of the ordinary (and a mite tad crazy I hasten to add) and what would you do???

Thats right - make off like there's no tomorrow.

But hey, no can do.  This 55 year old woman wasn't having any of that, no siree.  She made sure she could keep an eye on him (just to make sure that he was doing all these weird and wonderful things) so that she could report the man, god bless her.

Didn't offer any loo-paper to him though?  Tight ass!!


Well, not gone but rescued no least. Hoorah!

But what strikes me about the whole sorry affair is this.

Wife (in lounge sending hubby an email): "Honey. I see theres a dog outside running away with a jug on it's head.  He doesn't have much hope left. We gotta help him sweetie"

Husband (likewise emailing in return from the living room laptop): "Doggone sugar - I'll just issue an all-pointer on Facebook.  I'm sure that theres some real people who know what the outside world looks like can be better placed to help the poor critter"

Wife (in second email): "Oh honey.  You're so brave and quick thinking - I love you"

Hubby (using an iPad): "Damn right gorgeous - now get over to this World of Warcraft and swing that mighty axe of yours pumpkin-cheeks"

Wibbley Wobble Wheelchairs Batman

So, Raymound Kulma was drunk in charge of  a stolen wheelchair eh folks??

Ok - Look at his record:

Not Mr Kulma
7th OWI (Operating While Intoxicated/Impaired) charge since 1984
Licence suspended 4 times
Licence revoked 2 times
No valid licence since 1993

(And no, his name isn't James Bond)

Chief Faber told WDIV Raymond wasn't just drunk, he was really drunk
Wow, I guess that MUST have wheelie made a difference then folks??

Gap Year

Well, thats just the opinion of those who actually take a GAP year and those wonderous tourists spot who benefit BUT...

consider the parents who have to shelf out the money for the little blighters to get away as the kids most likely leave behind a destruction, mass pillaging, sexual degradations and several law authorities trailing in their wake after school's finished.

No wonder they'll happy to go away for a year. 

A Lapse of Memory

Just look at the photo in the article.  No, look carefully.  That pensioner was damn luck to get away with £2,000 for police to winch the car out.

Pity the poor diver who the car managed to run over (the flipper on the roof).  May he rest in pieces!

Transplanted Tickets

Well, well, well.  Obviously that patient was over-estimating their chances of recovery from an op (parking in the short-stay car park).

A typical comment from the firm overseeing the car park;
"Our terms and conditions are clearly explained at ticketing machines"
But I do like the cryptic comment afterwards.
"We can confirm the parking charge notices have been removed and we're working to resolve this issue."
Translation: We have removed the tickets from the windscreen (before they get too damp) and have posted them to the patients address, and will be expecting payment promptly.

Thought for the Day

Why are they called 'stands' when they're made for sitting?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Film Releases - 11 June 2012

Week Commencing 11th June 2012

UK Releases

15 June 2012

Rock of Ages (12A) - Drama Musical Starring: Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta and Tom Cruise 
Cosmopolis (15) - Drama Starring:
Robert Pattinson, Samantha Morton and Jay Baruchel
Polisse - Crime Drama Starring:  Karin Viard, Joey Starr and Marina Foïs
Red Lights - Thriller Starring:  Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro and Cillian Murphy
A Royal Affair - Historical DramaStarring: Mads Mikkelsen, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard and Alicia Vikander
Fast Girls - Sports Drama Starring:  Rupert Graves, Bradley James and Santi Scinelli
Kosmos - Fantasy Drama Starring: Sermet Yesil, Türkü Turan and Serkan Keskin
Ferrari Ki Sawaari - Family Sport Starring: Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani and Ritwik Sahore
A Thousand Kisses Deep - Thriller Starring: Dougray Scott, Emilia Fox and David Warner
Late September - Drama Starring: Anna Mottram, Bob Goody and Charlotte Palmer

US Releases

12 June 2012

The Sound of the Spirit - Family Starrring:  Anna Lasbury, Rob Weidenfeld and Faith Yesner
Bullet Ballet - Adventure Starring:  Breven Angaelica Warren and Boris Petrouchkain

13 June 2012

Letting Go - Drama Romance Starring: Jake Torem, Shirly Brener and Luca Bercovici

14 June 2012
Water & Power - Crime Drama Starring:  Clancy Brown, Emilio Rivera and Yvette Yates
Midnight Cabaret - Drama Starring: Brandon Hilton, Elexius Kelly and Arthur Yon
3D Bikini Beach Babes 2 - Adventure Starring: Marlene Mc'Cohen, Keoni Carew and Tawnie Brown

15 June 2012

Rock of Ages (As UK)
That's My Boy - Comedy Starring:  Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg and Leighton Meester
The Woman in the Fifth - Thriller Starring:  Ethan Hawke, Kristin Scott Thomas and Joanna Kulig
The Girl from the Naked Eye - Action Thriller Starring: Jason Yee, Samantha Streets and Gary Stretch
Red Butterfly - Crime Mystery Drama Starring: Diogo Morgado, Christine Evangelista and Wilson Jermaine Heredia
Julayi - Action Comedy Starring: Allu Arjun, Ileana and Rajendraprasad
Heart String Marionette - Action Animation Starring:  JP Anderson, Asil Aceves and Little Jimmy Urine
No Sanctuary - Action Starring: Ron Baker, Tommy Cahill and Melissa Dunphy
College Pranks - Thriller Starring: Shannon McKinnon, Kevin Derkash and Nick Ian Holmes
In Transit - Drama Starring: Liliana Arriaga and Sunil Sadarangani
13 Miles - Mystery Drama Sci-fi
Walk-In - Fantasy Drama Starring:  Catherine E. Coulson, Renee Hewitt and Brandy Carson

17 June 2012

King Toad - Mystery Drama Thriller Starring: Edward Brandt, Daniel Bush and Sarah Dameron

Swedish Releases

13 June 2012

LOL - Drama RomCom Starring:  Miley Cyrus, Douglas Booth and Ashley Greene
Mörkt vatten - Thriller Starring: Helena af Sandeberg, Sverrir Gudnason and Andrzej Chyra


Week Commencing 18th June 2012

UK Releases

20 June 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Fantasy Horror Starring: Benjamin Walker, Rufus Sewell and Dominic Cooper

22 June 2012

Chernobyl Diaries (15) - Horror Starring: Jesse McCartney, Jonathan Sadowski and Olivia Dudley
Think Like a Man (12A) - RomComm Starring: Chris Brown, Gabrielle Union and Kevin Hart
The Five-Year Engagement (15) - RomCom Starring: Jason Segel, Emily Blunt and Chris Pratt
Lay the Favorite (15) - Comedy Starring: Rebecca Hall, Bruce Willis and Vince Vaughn
Where Do We Go Now? (12) - Comedy Drama Starring: Claude Baz Moussawbaa, Leyla Hakim and Nadine Labaki
Teri Meri Kahaani - Drama Romance Starring: Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor and Prachi Desai
Silent Souls - Drama Starring: Yuliya Aug, Larisa Damaskina and Olga Dobrina
Cloclo - Musical Biography Starring: Jérémie Renier, Benoît Magimel and Monica Scattini
Victim (15) - Action Drama Starring: Ashley Chin, Ashley Madekwe and Jason Maza

23 June 2012

Apabad - Starring: Raj Ballav Koirala, Nisha Adhikari and Bijaya Giri

US Releases

18 June 2012
Steel Panther: Feel the Steel in London - Comedy Starring: Ralph Saenz, Travis Haley and Scott Tassone 

22 June 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (As UK 20/06/12) 
Brave - Adventure Animation Starring: Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson
The Last Ride - Musical Biography Starring: Henry Thomas, Jesse James and Fred Dalton Thompson
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - Drama RomCo Starring: Steve Carell, Keira Knightley and Melinda Dillon
Stella Days - Drama Starring: Alan Curran, Gail Fitzpatrick and Trystan Gravelle

Swedish Releases

23 June 2012

Rock of Ages (As UK 15/06/12)



Thought for the Day

Why does "slow down" and "slow up" mean the same thing?