Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Funny News - June 2012

Taking the Mickey

Well, he's obviously been so farout of it, that not only did he leave Earth's orbit, he had to visit Mercury and leave his "Mickey was 'ere" image.

Guess it's a relief it wasn't on Pluto!!

What A Relief

For those awkward moments

To be able to leave the bathroom if your tummy has one of it's turns.

However, being stuck with superglue couldn't have been much fun either.

Big Boss is Watching you

Wow - has things come that bad where the boss sits in his office, and instead of just working, he's there looking at his PC screen and wondering where the hell his mid-morning cup of tea has got to.

Thanks to those jolly nice chaps at Google, he (or she) will be able to identify who's where and doing what (and to whom???).  Possibilities are endless if the spouse gets their hands on this.   This could mean the end to months of uncertainty as to whether the spouse is having an affair or not.

Spouse: "Where's is my husband?"
Google Maps: "Your husband is currently residing in Mrs Robinson at number 32".
"Employees who are worried about privacy will be able to turn off the tracking device during times such as their lunch breaks and will also be able to see when they are being tracked through a notification on their screen."
I've just thought - imagine the possibilities if this could be linked to Twitter, and we could "see" where our favourite celebrity currently is.

Stalking has never been so easy - lol.

Number 19!!

Welcome to the Gambling arena for stutterers.  Place your bets.  N-N-N-N-Nineteen.  Job done.

Soaring Bills

Monthly payment option anyone??
Ok - So I knew that energy companies were putting up prices but even this is a tad extreme.

Still, I'm for it if one person gets to pay for the rest of us.  Bargain.

There's an App for that surely??

Well, this just damn well confirms it.  There are some sad people out there.
But the survey also found ............that..... with 4 per cent admitting to using their iPhone during sex
Well,  it does beg the question doesn't it???

Like a morgue!!

God, don't you just wish you'd be sat next to somebody that doesn't interupt you with inane mumblings and constant whinging.

The peace, the quiet, the oh so blissful silence that many need when travelling.

Ok - slight drawback maybe the smell, but nothings perfect in life.

I know a few teachers who would prefer a classroom full of corpses. 

Thought for the Day

If you throw a cat out a car window does it become kitty litter?

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