Saturday, 30 June 2012

Funny News - 30 June 2012


Only a matter of interpretation I know, but racey, or sexy????  Nooooo. 

A clothes horse has more curves on it than she does, and thats saying something.

How do you like your eggs?

Well, if I were to arrive home suddenly, there would be no great picker upper than to see a naked young woman making breakfast.

Sadly, she had her boyfriend with her at the time and both scapered off  pronto.
"Timmons.....was tracked down shortly thereafter and apprehended behind the Taunton Ice Company building at 216 High St"
Just love the idea that police managed to identify a naked man on the loose, but really!!!  Hiding behind the local Ice Company wasn't the coolest of ideas he's had.

Bare Cheek (No link here)

Don't ever shut a bear cub in the garage - Mummy will come looking for it.

British is Best - At Last
Awwww, Isn't he adorable??

Well folks.  Finally something to....erm....cheer about.

We can now proudly say that here, in the great country that is the United Kingdom, has the World's, I repeat, the WORLD's ugliest dog - Official.

But somebody sure loves him..........I think.

Wow - Skateboarding King

"A Canadian has become the fastest human in the world on a longboard when he clocked an incredible 80.74 mph on a public road"
That is something though isn't it??
"Michael Emprick, the Guinness adjudicator on hand to oversee the attempt, described it as "an amazing demonstration of what the human body is capable of with dedication and hard work.
"What I'll remember most about Mischo's attempt isn't just the incredible speed he was able to achieve, it was the sound of his skateboard wheels as it zoomed past," he added."
Followed swiftly by the sound of screaming as the police nabbed him for speeding on a public highway.............well, they should have!!

Mind you - I prefer this effort....

Trust Them!!

The National Trust (here in the UK) is a trust which helps protects the nations houses, gardens, coastlines, moorlands etc.  Almost an establishment in itself but have now, in an effort to 'protect' the previously sleazy area of Soho, in London, once notorious for its sex industry, and to guide those would be 'sight-seers'.
"Some of the language is a little close to the bone..."
 Ahem...really!!!  I'm not saying anything, as I'm sure you can all make your own jokes here.

Surely not the right sort of protection to be mentioning here one would think.

Thought for the Day

How did a fool and his money GET together?

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