Sunday, 3 June 2012

Funny News - 3 June 2012

Well, I'm glad to say that normal service as been resumed as the idiot's have all been let out after last week's poor showing of funny news stories (Remember - the titles also serve as links folks).

I'm Shocked

Said the shocked man, obviously shocked, and so overcome by the shockiness of the shocking scene, he simply had to video it, just to fully understand at a later date, how shocking it actually was.

Yeah right!!  He most likely thought, I'll video this and see who's willing to pay for it.

Shocking don't you think??

The Bare faced cheek

Well, if you're lucky enough to have a pool in the back garden, you must be at least bare to try it out.

Although, having a bear try it out is another matter completely.  But at least when the bear gets out, you can say to the parents, I saw a bare-bum as it got out of the pool.

It'll make them wonder what the kids have been up to at home whilst they've been away.

Just making a short cut

Well, you gotta respect the police.  I guess they were geniunely concerned that the lawnmower's blades might lose their sharpness on the unforgiving tarmac.

Mind you, a tad draconian after seing the video.  He did manage to park it in between the white lines, although the kerb got brutally cut down to size.

Guess the officers tore a strip off him later.

Pampered Pooch

Oh. My. God. Only in America.

You may like your dog a lot and treat him/her as if he were a real human.  Some of you may think it normal to dress the little darlings in doggie clothes and such paraphernalia.

But be afraid........for the time had come to share the nail varnish and let your imagination go wild (as your sanity flies out of the window).

A dog's bark may indeed be worse than it's bite, but when it has neon striplighted toenails, you may well end up blinded, and a prime candidate for the local nuthouse, except the pooch's owner will have already have taken up the last vacancy.

It's a bum rap

Hold on.
The Bare cheek
A woman who punched, scratched and slid her buttocks against a $30 million painting by abstract expressionist Clyfford Still at a Denver museum...
Did she punch AND scratch her arse BEFORE sliding across the painting??  One can only wonder - and did she improve the appearance of the painting in question?   Or did the painting improve the appearance of her posterior.

"1957-J No. 2" is the painting's name.  Gee, that'll roll off the tongue, but only after it's been cleaned of course.

I do have to ask thought, if the painting "1957-J No. 2" was worth $30 million, why it wasn't better protected.  Surely an Andrex Puppy would have helped?

Edinburgh Marathon getting hard

In a word.....Ooops.
Embarrassed Edinburgh Marathon Festival director Neil Kilgour, admitted that no-one had noticed a problem with the medals when they were being designed.

He said: 'It is too early to say whether there will be a redesign of a medal for 2013.'

Ermmm, me thinks that's a yes then.

Thought of the Day

What is another word for "thesaurus"?

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