Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Funny News - May 2012

Ok - An Awwww Moment

I only include it as the farm mentioned, Pennywell Farm, is situated in Devon, and isn't that far away from me, so when the need takes me, I will go along and have a nice slap up meal - sausages and mash, with strawberries and ice-cream to finish.

In your dreams

This gismo apparently allows the user to pre-determine what type of dreams they wish to have - no surprises for which this will be in red-bloodied single males.

However, instead of the $95 price tag, I would heartily recommend a cheaper alternative (below).

Rubbing people up the wrong way

A thought to ponder (other than the obvious or not so obvious) but by using the 'withdrawal' method, surely the video in question, was pulled because it was too popular??

Tree Hugging

Realisation dawns!!
If you're deperate for some relief of a sexual nature, please don't go to nature to get some sexual relief.  Alan Petrusson, a man of dubious intelligence decided to do just that, in the nearby park.

He apparantly tied himself spread-eagled to a tree.  Well, full marks on achieving that, because I wouldn't know how one can tie oneself to a tree, let alone spread-eagled, but pushing that to one side, it stands to reason that anyone wishing to spend quality time attached (semi-naked) to any tree, must be barking, and how anyone would wish to join him (presumably hip to hip) must also be out of their tree.

"A park visitor who spoke to CBS Minnesota was none too pleased to hear that the park is being used for public sex."

But the above quote must surely the scariest thing to emarge from the article for a number of reasons. The foremost being that the tree-tied man had sex????? Surely not!!!!  Scary.

Up All Night??

The young man, Lee Moore, having not only posted on the internet (via his twitter account), the recorded sounds from the noisy amorous couple, but agreed to a newspaper article being written about the affair, only now decides that he might have to deal with any revenge.

Good job he tried to hide his identity then......ooops!!


Here you go dearie - Strimmer!!

Aww, bless her little cotton socks.  A little old lady thought  she had lost her husband's van.

Moral of the story - Get out more!!!  And cut some grass while you're at it.......preferably when you're untied from a tree!!!

Hard Up!!

Well, no wonder he can't afford to make any payments, he's too busy doing what he does best.

Thought for the Day

If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors?

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  1. I want to know where to order that "sleep-device"! Mail me. Untull then I will go out and hug a tree somewhere there are no neighburs anywhere near. *LOL*