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Geocaching – What is it?

Good question, and one I hope to answer more fully here in the next few paragraphs, but basically it’s getting out and about for walks, either in towns, cities or out in the countryside, where hidden at certain locations, are caches (containers of various sizes) for you to discover.

I was introduced to this a couple of months back, and all your really need for this is a GPS tracking device, or even a smart mobile phone.  Oh, and plenty of batteries.  The phone won’t last half as long as a GPS device – thrust me on this.

So, how does one start???

My advice, and let’s not forget I’m a ‘newbie’ at this, so I would recommend signing up at . It’s free and you are allowed to use the basic parts of the site, and if you find yourself getting hooked into it, a small cost is all that’s required to reap the extra bits of the website which WILL come in useful.

Using the site, you can look up a map on any given area, and there will be symbols denoting caches hidden.  These symbols, when clicked on, can reveal details of the cache, such as the name of the person/people who originally hid it, what part of a collection belongs to (a selection of caches designed along a designated path/area), and clues to further aid locating the cache along with co-ordinates.

A typical GPS device
For non members of the site, you will most likely need to write the co-ordinates down with the clues (or print them out as there are pictures there as well), and for paid-up members, you have the ability to ‘download’ all selected locations directly to your GPS device/phone (saves a lot of hassle believe me) and when you’re ready, off out you go.

So yes, it’s primarily designed for people who love going out and gives people new places to visit where they may not have gone before, and for those who don’t like walks as they believe that they have no point, well what better way to enjoy a walk than to actively look for ‘treasure’ – a good purpose for any walk. 

Some examples of containers
The so called ‘treasure’ comes in a variety of containers.  Some so minute that to find them is a challenge in itself.

Those that contain items inside can be taken and kept, but only on the proviso that an item of equal value (or more) is placed in it’s stead, allowing the joy of discovery for someone else to find.

And that’s it really. 

Other than getting a GPS device, which in the long term is a worth-while investment, and perhaps the membership of the web site, there is no cost to this endeavour.  So if you have children, or are interested in going to new places, what better way to enjoy this activity than as described above.

Have fun....and enjoy.

Thought for the Day

If practise makes do you explain Taxi drivers??

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