Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Some more Funny News

It's all in the Name

Just read and snigger, and thank your god that your name isn't as funny.

Just Wash and Go

When you need to give your hair that extra baby-soft feel.

Placenta - Cause it was senta from mommy, with love.

Another name funny.  Although why you'd wish to name any product 'Placenta' is beyond me.

Little Red Book

Well, can it really be true??  Is that book little?  What with that many names in (plus ratings too) surely she would have updated it to at least......................the telephone directory.

Don't laugh - it makes sense. The names are already written down for her, just got to make a tick against them, and there's plenty of space to add the ratings.  AND, for bonus points, she can get to phone the next chap whilst with the current one....Bargain!!

The 'Real' Olympics

The Redneck Torch
Lil Dylan in his warm-up routine
Sod the discus throw, let's have a go on the toilet seat!!

And folks, it's geniune fun for ALL the family.

And for those of you in the dark (that's MOST of us) here are a few of the events that we've missed out on. 

The cigarette flip : Bobbing for pig's trotters : Seed spitting : Toilet seat throwing : Mud pit belly flop : Big-hair contest : Wet T-shirt contest : Armpit serenade : Bug zapping by spitball : Dumpster diving : Hubcap hurling.

It certainly sounds more interesting than what we're used to.

Going for Gold

Wow, men will surely be beside themselves if ever Poledancing gets made into an Olympic sport.

Viewing figures will shoot upwards as women take the rise.
'Tim Trautman is the president of the International Pole Sport Federation and is spearheading the push to make pole dancing an Olympic sport.'

It sure is a thrust in the right direction. And in case you wondered why there is so much skin showing, it isn't to titilate but...
"Well we're in a bikini because you need that skin to stick to the pole that's what we need to achieve some of our tricks."
Erm......I'm doing my best here not to make the obvious comment here about skin sticking to poles as I'm trying to maintain some sense of decorum here.

Rubbish Tip

A Sound Investment?
Well, in case you ever doubted it, US police can today confirm that the US Dollar is in fact, pure rubbish.

So, do as the man in question did, and throw your rubbish dollars out of the window.

BUT, it would make an interesting quiz question - How can you make $500 dollars from just a couple?

Easy, throw it out of the window :)

Thought of the Day

Why is it, whether you sit up or sit down, the result is the same?

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  1. *lol*
    We have a saying here in Sweden; "Only in America". That comes to mind reading this blog, haha. And makes me not miss my workouts that much ;). Would like some of that shampoo though, it HAS to be very rejuvenating for Your hair, eh?