Thursday, 24 May 2012

Funny News

Miss Odes
The lady in question, Miss Lauren Odes, got a right dressing down for being ‘hot’.  Surely those at fault would have been the individuals that appraised her at the job interview???
Odes was hired in April as a data entry worker for Native Intimates 
Maybe they should have a rethink of the company name and amend it to 'Intimately Naive'.
Maybe the Jewish men just got hot under the collar, or was that because Miss Odes was standing too close to them!!

You may call them thieves. But I think they’re f***ing useless that’s for sure.

A typical demostration
Not anymore it’s not.  You would be wrong for thinking that the organisers have come up with a new way to get more men to attend the European Championships but sadly, for them, it’s the topless activists of the Femen women's rights group who have secured two sparsely-furnished rooms in order to ‘get fit’ before launching into pre-emptive ‘assaults’ on the championships with a plethora of topless demonstrations.
“With a new operational base close to Kiev city centre, Femen has already fired its first shots.”
Really, didn’t know they had men working with them, as well as a spelling mistake in the article (Go on, F in Femen is replaced by another letter!!!).

But this could make for an interesting viewing at the end when the players are joined on pitch, after the match has finished, for shirt swapping.

Expect ticket sales to increase anyhow.  

Firstly, that's one way to go. 
KTSM television later reported that White suffered a heart attack while being entertained by the dancers.
Now, I don't know about you, but surely the dancer would have noticed something wrong here wouldn't
Lapdance sweetie?
A manager of the club says employees tried to perform CPR on White but were unsuccessful.
I like to think it was out of the kindness of their hearts that they wished to revive him, and not due to the fact that he hadn't paid them yet!!

Give it your best shot

Well well. Talk about getting the some things straight. I'm certain that the Florida Planned Parenthood affiliate are making an up-standing contribution by encouraging openly the need for self expression in the masturbation arena.

Ejaculating their desires into the sandbox of public debate is all very well, but a expansion of the 'many health benefits' should be made also.

I know this is the Offical US National Masturbation Month, but I dread to think when the Unoffical celebrations are.  Daily???? So stand up and be counted.

Hmm, Hey Ho

So, a major DC cartoon super hero is to be outed as being, how can I put it, a peter-puffer.

A renaming maybe in order.

(Gay SH): "Hey ho - I'm...Butch. Wanna ride?"

Or worse still - "is it a bird, is it a plane.....Oh dear lord, it's a leotard mankini. Run for your lifes"

Thought of the Day

If you can't drink and drive, why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor, and why do bars have parking lots?

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  1. Thanx for the laughts. Much appreciated these days :)

    I have also pondered about Your "thought of today", why is that really?