Saturday, 26 May 2012

Funny News - 26 May 2012

Moving office??

Wow.  These swiss sure don't mess around when moving offices.

Pity the poor workers who's office romance continued whilst in transit.

"Ere, Tamara, did the earth move for you honey?"

He must be mad!!

Like a bird
Yep, there are the odd occasions where an Englishman has been known to be a little eccentric shall we say, but jumping out of a helicopter without any parachute surely surpasses most oddities.

There is a video that is on the page that the headline is linked to and you can see from the line of boxes which makes up his landing strip just how narrow the margin of error is.

There are different angles available on youtube if you wish to see more - just search for Garry Connery.

The guy is crazy :)

Sexting Naked Women

Vanessa Hudgens
Apparently it's genetically hardwired into women and isn't restricted to famous celebrities.

Ok, which man wouldn't object to receiving an image from Scarlett Johansson or Vanessa Hudgens in the buff, but guys, if you get such a picture from any lady, you've pulled.

But be aware chaps, you may instead end up with a dose of reality (right) and just be glad she isn't naked!

A woman's place is in the Kitchen!!

It's been said by chauvinists down through the ages and now scientists are echoing a similar outcome as more and more women are doing less and less.

Guys, having ben sexted a picture of the women in your life, get her in the kitchen (without all the household gadgets) to keep her looking svelt.

You know you want to :)

Bill Clinton - The Man who never did.

A bird in the hand is worth......?
I did NOT inhale anything, nor have sex wih them, or knew they were pornstars.

Clueless Bill is seen once again in the public limelight without having engaged his brain.

Being at the White House during his term of Presidency sure must have been fun......well, whenever Hilary was away.

Man, those parties!!

Thought of the Day

Why is it so hard to remember how to spell MNEMONIC?

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