Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Dancing Queen

I have had (in a round about way) had a request.  Those of you following this mumblings will have seen my whimsical attempt at making a certain song lyrics amusing (Yes, That Abba one- as if I have done more, which I haven’t).

So to appease my audience, I have done something similar for another song of Abba’s – Dancing Queen. Which has now been playing in my mind ALL day today (Thanks Scratch lol).

So here it be.  (By the way - I hope this offends nobody).  

And Nobody!! If this offend you, please say so……..ok? (sorry – you didn’t say “So”)

The Lyrics                                                                            My interpretation

You can dance, you can jive                                      You got the moves there baby
Having the time of your life                                         Far out sweetie
Ooh see that girl, watch that scene                            Go girl – Swing that Thing!
Dig in the dancing queen                                           OMG – It’s a he-she (Arghhh!)

Friday night and the lights are low                              Help me??? Call the police!!
Looking out for a place to go                                      Why are we at the Men’s loo?
Where they play the right music, getting in the swing
You come in to look for a king                                    Oohh noooo (starts running)

Anybody could be that guy                                        George Michael anyone???
Night is young and the music's high                           How did I end up here?
With a bit of rock music, everything is fine                  I’ve been drugged
You're in the mood for a dance                                  Wooozy!!!
And when you get the chance                                   Pukes up!!

You are the dancing queen                                       Yeah Baby – OK, I look good in drag
Young and sweet, only seventeen                             Ok  - I’ll go with that
Dancing queen, feel the beat                                    Does that feel like what I think it is??
From the tambourine, oh yeah                                  That ain’t no tambourine matey!!

You can dance, you can jive                                    Get away from me
Having the time of your life                                       Like…..another continent
Ooh see that girl, watch that scene                          Can’t – got me eyes shut
Dig in the dancing queen                                         Not digging that thing in me!!

You're a teaser, you turn 'em on                               What can I say?? (boogies away)
Leave 'em burning and then you're gone                  Damn right honey – he-shes (shudders)
Looking out for another, anyone will do                    Nope – I’m straight
You're in the mood for a dance                                Straight I tell ya
And when you get the chance                                 I run…………pretty damn quick

You are the dancing queen                                     Too late – I’m gone
Young and sweet, only seventeen                           Stop – Where??
Dancing queen, feel the beat                                  Ooooh Foxy
From the tambourine, oh yeah                                Tambourines – Are you kidding me?

You can dance, you can jive                                   Jiving away back home now                                       
Having the time of your life                                      Yep, away from here
Ooh see that girl, watch that scene                         Filth!!
Dig in the dancing queen                                        Bye Bye               
Dig in the dancing queen                                        No really – Bye Bye

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