Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe announces return

The article is nothing out of the ordinary but I did see a quote (at the bottom of the page) which I thought quite appropriate indeed, and I shall repeat it below.

"If he's going to have a crack he's going to have to do it quickly."

Damn straight man.  That's the idea of competitive swimming, and I for one am glad that Thorpe's manager Dave Flaskas, has cottoned onto this idea.


Well, that’s over and done with for another six months.  The locum was very friendly. 

No, I mean VERY friendly. 

Touchy feely type of friendly.  Kind of puts you at unease if you know what I mean.

A bit like “Hallo Luvvy, come into my boudoir and take a seat – Here, you can have mine, and I’ll just sit on you dearie hmmm”   :0

Run like the wind and never look back.

Scared of going to the dentist????  I wasn’t…….but I am now.

Thought of the Day

There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

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