Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sports Witterings

WTF!!!  OMG.  I don’t believe it.  This is only half a race.  Yeah, race to the top by all means, but then it’s a quick jump to the ground again.  Winner is anyone surviving!!!

Hmmmm, I’ll just take the elevator please if it’s all the same to you!!

Football player sold – A drop in the ocean!!

Well, some of you reading this (ok, read that as MOST of you ) will no doubt NOT be interested in the sensation that is football (soccer to the Americans –and don’t get me started on that, lol) BUT I thought it worth mentioning due to the recent transfer  (which admittedly is a few days old now) but have placed a link below.

There are transfers here in the UK, for football, which clubs are allowed to buy and sell players at certain times during the year (transfer windows).  The recent one ended on 31st January. Players move from one team to another for a myriad of reasons.

Read the article linked here and then return.

Yep, you did indeed read that right. £50 flipping Million. For one player. ONE little player (and yes, he is a bit challenged vertically). AND he didn’t even go to Tottenham.  AND worse than that, he went to our competitors Chelsea (another London team) sigh.

In my opinion, he doesn’t justify the price (Ok, no one does but that another story). For a start Fernando Torres is injury prone to say the least. The last three seasons have seen him start no more than 24 league games. So for £50 million, you’re getting a striker who is likely to be on the sidelines for 30% of the season and that’s not taking into account the clubs rotation policy.

Anyway, that’s enough about the details, let’s get back to the price tag.

£50 Mill!!!!  What is going on?? I say kill the guy (or just kidnap him), and use the money to help starving children in whichever area is most in need.  Or transfer the money into a charitable bank account.  They say charity begins at home, so my bank account would be a good starting place.

It’s crazy.  I’ve no idea what other sports transfers around the world are valued at, but this to me, is getting seriously out of hand.

What else can you spend £50 million on??  Well, I don’t know, but I’d like to have the opportunity to find out!!

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  1. Can I be paid to transfer there as a wobbly kinda supporter?? I'd be quite happy to do this for £50 million!!! Or if the Spurs wanted me I'm flexible. I might even do it for less!