Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cat Cafes!!!

Oh dear lord.  What doesn’t  the Japanese have???

(As my online friend as said.....People over 6 foot tall, lol.)

Cat Cafes??? And they PAY to spend time with them!!!!  OMG – Don’t say they eat them (wouldn’t put it past teh Japanese neither)Was gonna say are they mad??  But it’s obvious....course they darn well are. They’re Japanese for crying out loud.

And I’m trying not to be bitchy here but....Meeeeoooww .

Hark, there goes Fred the cat in his newly acquired Ferrari.......Meeooowwww.

I know, poor, but hey, it’s the best I can come up with.


  1. I don;t find you remarks at all catty. Some arte even purrfectly reasonable! Stop doubting yourself fur goodness sake!

  2. They tried opening a restaurant for cats in NY a while back. The health department closed them down after only a day or two. Apparently it isn't considered sanitary to serve your four footed friends (serve them food that is, not serve them AS food)

    Not too keen on cats or dogs, but whatever trips your trigger.


  3. Haha oh come on now...the Japanese aren't THAT bad :)
    I mean, here in Korea they EAT i'm glad the Japanese are trying to at least think of cat's as something other then food haha

  4. I can imagine myself coughing up a hair ball, plus it would be extremely unhygienic. But it's better then the new fetish in China that women there snap cats and rabbits head to show all sexy and cute, and to pick up men? at least that's what i understood.