Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It's a fair cop Guv

I have to say that the employer in this article had a good idea.  Name and shame them I say.

Could be useful for other incidents.


I gave him my services but just wasn't up for the job in hand. Put me in jail please, but don't let the screws get to me!!

(Screws - slang for prison officers)

Rent Boy

I've bent over backwards for this man, but only received the deposit.  I want the balance paid up.

Failed Husband

I use to be man enough for the post.  But she went for the post man instead.

Berlusconi not afraid

This fine up standing man (I guess his was at the time of the incident - upstanding that is) has made it know that he is not worried in the least.

But he said he was doing a favour for the then-Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak, because Mr Berlusconi was told the girl was Mr Mubarak's granddaughter.

I wouldn't have dropped that name into the conversation.  Look what happened to Mr Mubarak now!!

On this day

0600 - Pope Gregory the Great decrees saying "God bless You" is the 
           correct response to a sneeze 
1568 - The entire population of the Netherlands - three million people -
            was sentenced to death by the Roman Catholic Church for heresy
           (So what happened then???) 
1646 - Battle of Great Torrington, Devon - the last major battle of the first 
            English Civil War (included this as it's not too far away from where I 
            live - kind of anyway) 
1659 - First known check (£400), it is now (on display at Westminster Abbey
           (Fraud I hear you say) 
1857 - The National Deaf Mute College (later renamed Gallaudet University)
             is established in Washington, DC, becoming the first school for the 
             advanced education of the deaf (Eh!! Beg your Pardon!!)
1878 - The Silver Dollar was introduced as a U.S. coin. 
1923 - Howard Carter unseals the burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

1959 - John McEnroe (oh com'on - You can NOT be serious)
1957 - LeVar Burton (Blind man Jordi in Start Trek: The Next Franchise)
1942 - Kin Jong II (North Korean Leader - Nuclear Powered)


Nobody on note died on this day.  Well, they did, BUT just not famous enough.  Most inconsiderate of the well known to avoid this date like the plague I say.

Thought for the day

They say hard work never hurts anybody, but why take the chance.

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