Monday, 31 January 2011


It occured to me that some of you might want to have some idea of where I'm currently living, so just for you kind souls, I have cobbled together some photos I have taken last summer and have placed them here for your delight.

The photo below shows the naval college which is still used today to train young officers both of the Royal Navy, as well as cadets from other international navies.  It is also rumoured that it was here that our Queen first met Prince Philip.  The Britannia Royal Naval College first began training officers since 1905 however training was first done in Dartmouth as far as 1863 where it took place on board HMS Britannia when it was first moored in the river Dart.

Dartmouth is situated on the south coast of Devon, between Torbay, and Kingsbridge (both coastal towns). Dartmouth itself is situated on a hill with homes built both on the top of the hill and down next to the mouth of the river.  The website 'Dartmouth Directory' has some information who those of you interested in seeing more photos.  I will add some more myself below.

The Boatfloat

View from near the river mouth

The boatfloat is where the main shopping area lies which you can see the cars parked.  The road system here is a one way system.  The photo on the right was taken on a walk to the Castle which is situated at the very mouth of the river.  The picture is from 2/3rds of the way there.

The Bandstand
Next to the Boatfloat lies the Royal Avenue Gardens where there is a small area for greenery things (good technical terms eh??).  The main paved is host to the Bandstand whilst the gardens are decorated with various shrubs and flowers throughout the year.

My photos aren't exactly fantastic (for which I apologise) but you'll hopefully get the gist of what I'm describing.  Also, whilst I'm apologising here, I haven't yet got the hang of displaying photos side by side, but it helps makes the post seem longer that it actually is, lol.  Oh, I also take the oppportunity to apologise for world peace failing to materialise, for George W Bush becoming an American President, for Grunge fashion, and for those small plastic foldable forks you get in packaged meals  (I had a few hours to kill so came up with a totally useless idea which seemed good at the time of marketing it, but quality control could never match the dream...sorry).

Royal Avenue Garden
 Moving rapidly on (Ok, I can hear you snoring now, wake up!!!) we venture bravely onwards towards river mouth itself. The River Dart, strangely enough (duh) separates two locales.  Dartmouth on the northern side of the river, and Kingwear to the south.


There are two ferries currently in operation.  One called 'The Higer Ferry' and the other is.....wait for it.....'The Lower Ferry' (original huh?).  There has been a ferry in operation since 1365 from Kittery Point (western most point of Kingswear) to Dartmouth.

Higher Ferry

At the mouth of the Dart lies St Petrox Church and the remains of the castle. Yes, I has a photo here, and a small tidbit of info for you here, the church you see is where I got married. 

Well, thats my (very) small mention of Dartmouth.  I have included a few links should you wish to see more pictures of the place (and Kingswear too).  Enjoy.

 This is the Church from the nearby Jetty and in on the other side of the estuary lies Kingswear Castle.
 This is Dartmouth Castle with the Church tower visible at the right.  The maniacal sailing fraternity sometimes whizz past at....ooohhh.....a rate of knots....but not really fast.  They're boats for crying out loud.

Below is.......that's right, a church. 
I hope you managed to scroll ALL the way down to the bottom.  WHY???  So I can say 'Thanks for reading this'.  You may now fall asleep, lol.


  1. Very gorgeous photo's and such interesting facts!! Looks like a beautiful area!! :D

  2. Agreed with Luba very beautiful area and seems very peaceful.