Saturday, 22 January 2011

What is the mentality of the Scammer/Spammer???

The task of Moderating a website is a serious business (how serious is dependent upon the website itself).  Part of the moderator’s time is spent vetting and removing profiles of those insurgents (both new and old) who takes time to harass and spam, and even those whose effort is to deprive folks of money.

I ask myself why do people become spammers/scammers??  Ok – maybe a dumb question, as in they do it to get money or some sad sadistic perverted pleasure, duh??? 

I mean, have you ever received an email, or private mail (a PM) from a scammer? I know English isn’t their native language (usually) but seriously??? And woe begone if you should happen to have accepted a friend request from one. They start their spiel about how short of money they are and what bills they need to pay and so on and so forth and then it somes, the polite request - could we part with our hard earned spondulicks so they can have a healthier, wealthier lifestyle that they obviously deserve and we don’t. 

Most websites worth their salt tend to spot these people a mile off and delete instantly with what I guess would be a high success rate.

BUT, time and time again, they return creating new profiles in the hope that they can evade those moderating.  Why???

Don’t they have a life interesting enough?  Shouldn’t they be out on the streets of Nigeria, raping and knifing respectable folk instead of being online?  Come to think of it, should we be out on the streets helping prevent the mugging and raping of people on the streets too (ok, Nigeria might just be pushing it, but here in the UK, a few more good Samaritans wouldn’t go amiss)??

Is it to do with the social environ they have there, or the levels of poverty they may have?  Is this the future that lies ahead for the more wealthier, western civilisation countries as the divide between the rich and the poor ever increases?  A scary thought maybe, but not entirely impossible!!

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  1. But but but... These people all tell me how lovely I am and how much they adore me! Surely that can't be bad? And so what if it costs me £million a week! I'm so worth it.