Monday, 31 January 2011

News of the Day - 31/01/2011

UK News

Ok. First read the article. It isn’t informative (much), nor does it really have an impact on the news (which puzzles me as to why the BBC have given this article space, but hey-ho), then comes back and read the rest of this whinge.

My thoughts (for what they’re worth) is why does The Campaign to Protect Rural England feel the need to involve themselves here???

Does Rural England need protecting??? Are they in any danger of stars falling from the skies one by one and landing in a marshy bog, miles away from civilisation as we know it (though it would help with the energy crisis that’s for sure)???  Why has the towns and cities been omitted from these organisations??  Surely they have a right to be afraid as well, or do they not give a damn???  Lives matter here!!!!  Let them know the full dangers too!!! (Yes, what dangers????  Exactly).

As for The Campaign for Dark Skies.....well now, surely they’d be rigorously campaigning to get this tv series back on the telly.  What their involvement here is I really cannot say??  Unless it’s a subliminal way of doing just that.  Hmmmm, sneaky.
Some stars - oh, Orion

Seriously  – Orion.  First of all, we’ll need more educational grants to further the knowledge taught at schools so that wayfaring, loud-mouthed vandalising children can steer their eyes away from their Xboxes, Playstations and Ipods long enough to actually recognise that Orion is in fact, a set of stars that some long forgotten bored greek/roman/Arabic gentleman concocted up into some vague image (that actually looks nothing like a bloke, even in the broadest set of delusional onslaughts whilst puffing away at a marijuana joint). 

AND, they expect us, Joe Public to do their work for them, UNPAID of course.

What is the world coming to????  Hey, lets have a drag at that spliff.

Local News

(Inhales spliff, coughs and splutters madly for a while, whilst normality returns....(well, that  is another subject to harp on about another day))

Local Football club, Torquay Town (League Two) manages to lose against lower league opposition on Saturday in the FA Cup 4th round to Crawley Town. 

So, here’s what they would have Away fixture at Manchester United, lol. 

If their opponents hadn’t already done so on Saturday, I’m sure they’re kicking themselves now for losing.  Stupid plonkers, and no, I don’t support Torquay cause a) I support a far better team (Tottenham Hotspurs) and b) they’re crap.


  1. Harsh, man! Say what you really think eh?? OK, Torquay United ARE crap. Spurs???? Ummm, how to put it? Well can you honestly say they are much better? On a match by match average, just look ate their consistency and oh deary me I think I'll leave there, you've gotten a mad gleam in your eye!

  2. We're lucky enough here to be far enough away from the city lights to be able to see lots of stars. It's a shame that not too many folks go outside at night and just look *up* nowadays.

    I'm gonna leave the football news alone, as I don't follow sporty type stuff (Although I'm going to assume you're talking about the "soccer" kind of football, not the bastardized kind of "football" we have here, that's more like rugby)

    [waves wildly as the suger from the breakfast pastry kicks in] hiiiiiiii!