Saturday, 22 January 2011


I’m guessing that most folk that are reading this will have come from the hallowed halls of Interpals.  But for the brave souls who have yet to hear about this wonderous place, allow me to take the opportunity to explain.

Interpals is a website designed so that people wishing to ‘meet’ and correspond with penpals from around the world can begin their journey from.  Once your profile has been created, then you can begin your search for like minded people, or even find somebody to help you with learning another language.

They have an active forum which has numerous sections for languages, but also for other matters, such as religion, food & drink, family & friends, humour, and so forth.  It is frequented by a wide variety of personas and the mix can get fraught, exciting, humorous and intellectual (and not necessarily at the same time, lol).

The site also has a chat room which I have to confess, I do not go at all, as I find the forums to be of enough interest, but many do and I’ve heard it said that there is a spark there too.  Sometimes the spark ignites and the place goes up in flames (only kidding).

It has to be said that I have spent a large portion of my time in the forums since I first joined and found this to be better than actually penpalling (which I have to admit, I’m a bit poor at so I’ve found).  Whilst recently I have not been so active there (due to other reasons) I am slowing returning only to find that the eclectic mix of people has evolved with new people joining in the fray which keeps it from turning stale.

Some of the personalities that I have come across there are as follows (and apologies should I not list everyone, but there are only 24 hours in the day and Interpals has over 10,000 members so there :p)

Morgana38 and Eurofan14 - Interpals star-crossed lovers who have yet to meet but will be booking a room soon near you)
Norfire  - a truly delightful friend who I have shared a lot of humorous repartee in the forums)
Athena_hp1 - well, I was going to say a newcomer but has been on the site for a while and is making a name for self as an intellectual and all round nice gal
Greg – A stunning addition to the mods, but is fair and knowledgable and his postings always have something to say
Pagliacci – Architect of getting the boys to win at several of the games in the forums and official defector to the ranks of moderator, although still dabbles with both sides of the fence.
Mucker86 – has recently taken over the forums crossing swords and other cooking utensils with Morgan38.  A pub he has and has offered a sanctuary for anyone visiting the country (he hasn’t actually but he should – free grub too???)
Horatio-Snert – (Ahh, Brother Horatio, where are thou?? – another jester who has only recently taken a vow of silence – Must find out what he has been up to)
JustWannaChat – A man of legend (an aussie with humour too!!) one who is not afraid of a padded cell.

I will add more names as time goes on, but these are only the top of the iceberg, and frankly, that is ideally where they all belong.  It is a wonderful community and I am very fortunate to be a part of it all.

So, now that I have managed to advertise the website, all I need now are new people to go visit it and worship my name there.............well, I can dream can’t I, lol.


  1. What if we'd rather worship your name *here*