Tuesday, 25 January 2011

ET Phone Home

Well, you heard it here  Click to see article

Just another reason for ET to invade us.  Imagine them getting ahold of the phone and phoning up directory enquiries or speaking to a customer services rep.

More likely an indian chap who can hardly understand english at the best of times, and you can never understand him at all.  God help the aliens.

"Can I have your phone number and password please" - "*c-@^&" ???"

"Your memorable name/place/location??" - "@;%£"$" ????"

"Anything at all to help me identify you"...............and then, fully exasperated after the two hour wait of speaking to someone, the alien invasion begins.

Well, just a thought....


  1. As long as it isn't being carried by Verizon wireless. Cause that crap don't get NO service whatsoever.

    (there's my southern redneckspeak kicking in)

    Can you hear me now?? ;)