Friday, 28 January 2011

A mere grumbling about nothing

Lets get one fact cleared up here and now.

I am NOT an accountant. 

It just so happens that by mere coincidence that I chance upon, daily, a room which belongs to a firm of accountants, fifteen miles away.  The coincidence is heightened further when, at the end of each month, they most appreciatively deposit into my bank account, a sum of money for services rendered.  If, in the meantime, I produce numerical data which resembles, by chance, a set of accounts on behalf of people (lets call them in this instance, clients) then who am I to deny the fortuitous set of circumstances that has prevailed.

I am not boring (much) nor am I certified (well, not in the accounting sense anyways lol).  So with that confession out of the way, shall we progress???

My persona today will be perturbed, perplexed, and palpitating, whilst pertaining that certain personalities (eg clients) have peeved me off pretty much persistently.

Will this peculiar penultimate day for submitting tax returns pass by without further pensive moments?? Will I, per chance, see in the next accounting period??? Will I painfully run out of adjectives beginning with the letter P???

Patently not!!!

This playful, and non-photogenic person has time to poignantly look forward towards the weekend.  Perhaps I shall purposefully write prose to present to you for your perusal.  Perhaps it would be proper to postpone my ponderous musings. Maybe I shall keep my precious time to pamper myself drinking potent potions with alcohol being the main ingredient.

What piffle indeed is this pretentious personage prattling on about, lol.

Oh nothing really.  Just started on something and it got away from me a little bit.

Have a good weekend everyone.

1 comment:

  1. You folks have "Sesame Street" over there?

    This post was brought to you by the letter P!

    (ha ha ha ha ha ha)

    I am partial to your pronounced style of writing. Prithee, will we see more of this periodically? Or will the puns and prose "peter out" soon?

    Your perpetual friend (or purposefully annoying nightmare),