Thursday, 20 January 2011

Doctor Who - Matt Smith / Smallville - The Ending

Doctor Who

Yes, I confess.  I happen to like Doctor Who.  There, I’ve admitted it – The road to recovery can begin, lol. BUT, in the meantime, I’d thought that I would just impart my thoughts onto the world so it can be dismissed as irrelevant.

I first began watching Doctor Who mainly with Tom Baker as the lead, and he still remains to this day, my favourite.  I vaguely remember seeing Jon Pertwee before him, but Tom is, was and forever will be the best Doctor.

David Tennant has made a very sizable impression when he was in the role, and I believe him to be the second best.  Other favs, for me, are Peter Davison and the more I think about it, Sylvester McCoy.

Matt Smith
However, the current incumbrant, Matt Smith has taken quite a while to fit into the role whichI have been disappointed with, but not surprised.  Normally, a new doctor will make his mark usually within the first season.  I remember Peter Davison’s first few episodes were filmed  out of kilter (so that the fourth episode filmed was the first episode aired) so that he had gotten used to the character.

However, the script writing for Matt’s first season, to me, was still written in the style of David Tennant, and coupled with that Matt Smith’s tendacy for flailing his arms around as if to say “What am I doing here, cause I ain’t got a clue” just made him appear amateurish, and whilst his first season is now over, it has left me fearing that he might not make a good fist of it and finish with the role before he had a good crack at it.

So, Christmas came and went and it brought along the festive episode (which also featured Catherine Jenkins and Michael Gambon) and I have to say that I was very impressed with Matt Smith as he suddenly appeared to be at ease within the role.  It still needs refining which I’m now more certain he will do as the next season approaches.  I’ve heard rumours of what is to come (Daleks, More about who River Song is, and an episode filmed in the US) so I am fervently looking forward to watching Doctor Who again whenever it appears on BBC.

I will post an airing date when I get to find out.

Smallville – The Ending

Oh well, I've fessed up about Doctor Who, so here’s another (brief) one about another of my favourite TV programmes, Smallville (and yes, there may be a theme here – sci fi anyone??? Lol).
This one is only going to be about my idea for the final scene as the current series number 10 (now showing in the US, jammy what nots) will be the final season, so the obvious thing the script writers will have to do is to tie up the story so that Clark Kent dons the Superman cape.  How they will actually do this is anyones guess, so I’m gonna do exactly that, lol.
Anyhow – The way in which I would have the final scene is thus – Clark, having heard a call for help (or seen a disaster on tv) is running on his way to help out and is running towards the camera (in super-speed, but obviously slowed down for the viewers) and he begins to pull his shirt apart to reveal the S logo on his uniform worn beneath his work shirt, and as he runs into the camera, the screen darkens to black but the S logo remains in the middle of the screen, and then the music which is synonymous with Superman (or Smallville) is then played, and that is, as they say, that. 

The rest is history....or history yet to be.

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  1. Mr. Tennant is cute, in a geeky kinda way.

    Never got into Smallville though, it was sounding too much like another show, One Tree Hill.


    "I'm a superhero....but I don't WANT to be a superhero.... But I'm a superhero...." ARGH! Shut up already! LOL

    [waves wildly again] hiiiiiii