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Top Ten Musical Masterpieces

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Well, not necessarily but I have thought maybe it was time to personalise this blog with one or two of my best loved music, films TV programmes and such so todays entry is going to be about my favourite music.

You know, it simply isn't easy to get a top ten list purely because there is so much stuff out there that before you know it, you've picked 600 odd tracks and have to whittle this down to just ten.  Reality TV programme judges, eat your heart out.

So, here goes, and in no particular order.

Ennio Morricone - Once Upon a Time in The West


I first heard this on a compilation cassette (oh yes, the good old days when your cassette player chews up tape and spits it back out keeping the most important bit of the track stuck in it's mechanisms).

It's moody, melancholy, and yet uplifting but sad again. It's one piece of music I can never tire of. 

Catherine Jenkins - When You're Alone

A sad fact this, but heard it on a TV programme.  Yes folks, it's Doctor Who.  BUT, having said that, it is really a good piece of music, and when I looked at the lyrics, I had to do a double-take as they really are quite ordinary, but sung so magnificently well by Catherine Jenkins.

Not a huge fan of hers I must admit, but if she can make something so trite sound so wonderful, what she must be able to do with some top-notch lyrics must be worth hearing.

ABBA - Like An Angel Passing Through My Room

I know, but everyone secretly has one song of ABBA's that they simply love, and for me this was it.  Not a mainstream pop release but tucked away on the second side of their album 'The Visitors'.

Loved it then, and still do now.

Bob Morgan & Steppin Out - Marguerite

Not many will recognise the name but to those British television viewers with good memories, will instantly remember this and associate it with Vision On, and Take Hart with the famous Picture Gallery.

This was one of three pieces of music used for this section of the Take Hart program and I loved all three of them, but this is simply the best of them. Wonderful, and dreamy.

Ennio Morricone - On Heaven As It Is On Earth

Having seen the film, The Mission, I wanted to get the soundtrack and was surprised to find out that Ennio Morricone scored the music.  He simply is fast becoming my favourite composer and there are many of his works I could add to this list but have limited it to ten, and even allowing a second one in might seem unfair but tough.

Clannad - Wilderness

Ahh, Clannad.  An Irish band first came to my attention when they scored the music for the TV series Robin Of Sherwood.  Very atmospheric and moody.  I loved it, both the programme and the music and as a result brought some of their albums.  The one that sticks out in my mind is a short, but beatifully arranged piece, called Wilderness, and is on the album, Anam.

Marty Robbins - The Ballad of Bill Thaxton

I blame my mum for this one.  She had a 'thing' for Marty Robbins and I did my best to not like him as even back then, he was considered 'old taste' BUT I have always remembered this song, and I have tried over the years to find this on the internet and have only just recently found this.  Not sure it would normally have made my top ten, but as I've just reacquainted myself with it again, here it be.

Billy Joel - The River of Dreams

Fell in love with this song from the first moment I heard this, which for me, is rare for a vocal song. Again, never been a Billy Joel fan, or liked any of his songs but this is one I can't help stopping to listen to wherever I am.

The Fureys and Davey Arthur - When You Were Sweet Sixteen

I remember hearing this when it made number one here in the UK charts in 1982, and over the years was another song that echoed in my head in parts and have struggled to remember who sang it and what it was called.  Thank heavens for You Tube I say.

Madonna - Beautful Stranger

I'll say it here, I think madonna is extremely over-rated as a singer relying on her musical videos to shock and outrage BUT this track is just wonderful.  I think it captures the period of the sixties (where the Austin Powers character is loosely based on) and yet was modern at the same time. The official video was brilliant too with Mike Myers doing a great job on it.

Well pop-pickers, thats how my list stands at this moment in time.  No good thinking about any more as I'll know I'll have to swap and chop and change and all that marlarkey and that's when it gets difficult.

I was however, going to list those that didn't quite make it onto this list.....but hey, I can always make another list  - 'The Ones hat never made it' lol.

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