Thursday, 19 April 2012


Right, I'm going to have a rant here, and yes, it's all about motorbikes.  Actually, that's not strictly true.  It's about the drivers of said motorbikes and their continued ability to pee me off.

OK, here in the UK, we sometimes have signs erected saying "Think Bike, Think Biker" and generally attempting to raise awareness of the poor deluded motorcyclist struggling to get from A to B in their highly overpowered two wheel lean, mean death-trap machines.

Oh, I'll give due respect for the considerate motorcyclist, who follows the rules and laws of the road, but as for the others (read that as most)..........grrrrrrrr.

Aha, Got ya!!!
You're always being told (well, especially when learning to drive) to always check your blind spot. Why????  Cause that where the Motorcyling Driving Instructors tell the little bleeders to hide themselves. 

Picture this, you're approaching a set of traffic lights and have stopped behind some cars queued up already and there are some more queued behind you.  There you are, merrily listening to the radio/CD/iPod awaiting the lights to change when this motorcylist, having long since lost the ability to wait patiently in line (probably since he past his test two weeks ago), drives down the middle of the road until he/she can get to the front of the queue, or as far down the line as humanly possible, and stops alongside the front of my bonnet fully expecting me to duly give way when the lights change.

Sod that for a game of soldiers, since when did he get the right of way to pull ahead of me??? If I did that, in my car, to a motorcyclist, I'd get 600 merry versions of hell sworn at me, and rightly so.

So much for moving into the middle
Naaaaa, I now stop as close to the middle of the road to ensure that any silly prats (ahem, bikers) attempting this has to go into the oncoming traffic to get past me. But guess what???  They still go ahead and do it.  Even if it risks that the oncoming vehicle has to swerve somewhat to avoid him. Unbelievable. AND the bikers then shake their fists at the offending car as if it's their fault, I ask you.

AND as for overtaking - just because they have an overpowered engine (and even then, some only have the basic 50cc variety but have grand delusions instead) they think the whole damn road is a racetrack purely for their pleasure.  And I've seen many a stupid, moronic overtaking maneuvers done by bikes, even on blind right hand bends (remember, we drive on the left hand side of the road here in the UK).

And then,  AND THEN, when an accident happens, its almost every time, blame the car driver.

Go for it Grandma
A solution is required.  Either ban the lot of them, or allow us car drivers to fix machine guns to the bonnet of our cars and paint targets on the bikers jackets.  Fair game I reckon.  If we're gonna get blamed for killing the sods, might have well have some fun, and do a decent job of it.


Thought for the Day

Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?

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