Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lady Thatcher

I'm Back

Ok Folks it’s been a while, and I know nobody’s missed me.....not even me.

Still, one thing of note recently was this article on Lady Thatcher

Read it have you????….well, don’t worry if you haven’t,  I’ll point out the obvious.

The article, which is about one of our ex-Prime Ministers (Lady Thatcher) states:
“This does not reflect any concern over Lady Thatcher’s health, but simply the prudent long-term planning necessary for any event involving the Queen”.
BUT the article also mentions a concern
“But the possibility of a formal procession could be jeopardised by fears that there are insufficient troops available to line the route because the Armed Forces are so overstretched in Afghanistan and Iraq.”
So, either it’s a long term plan for when she snuffs it and the current deployment of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq is also viewed as long, long term


 the troops are only going to be there a short while and Lady Thatcher is soon to croak.

Or unless it’s the Queen who is soon to snuff it!!!!!

Which is it??? Answers on a postcard please as my bin is empty and is suffering severe anxiety psychological problems in failing to fulfill it’s intended role, here in my lounge. 

Thought for the day

Failure is not an option. It is a privilege reserved only for those who try.

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