Monday, 15 August 2011

Littering from vehicles

When travelling on the highways and byways of your particular country and you happen to come across people throwing litter from their vehicle onto the road, do not necessarily chastise them.

Oh no, for remember kind folks, it is these generous people who most kindly are doing their bit for the road and street cleaners of this world to stay gainfully employed and so help unemployment from increasing.

So next time you see the sweetie wrapper discarded from a speeding van, do not cuss, swear or be irate.  Smile, and know that the street cleaner’s job has been made that more secure, and relax in the knowledge that those items of garbage will be collected and added to the recycle pile and thus help make this planet a more environmentally safer one.

So – litter away my friends.  You are helping your government keep unemployment down, helping our fellow man (or lady) street/road cleaner, and all along, you are being GREEN!!!!

Isn’t this just a wonderful world

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